“Please don’t touch Kane’s body!”….”No one is in awe of Kane’s achievements!” and an outburst of anger, why? What’s going on?

There is a person who shouts so eagerly. Who is it? And why is he saying this? This is the voice of an employee of the Bayern Munich store in the center of Munich, Germany. The store displays a life-sized mannequin of Harry Kane, who is making an explosive appearance after wearing a Bayern Munich uniform, heading for a new hero. It is called a special mannequin for Christmas.

Kane scored 21 goals in 15 Bundesliga matches. He is the undisputed No. 1 scorer in the Bundesliga. He has surpassed 20 goals (14 matches) in the shortest time in the history of the German Bundesliga. He is tied with “legendary” Gerd Müller and Robert Lewandowski. Such performances have attracted the absolute love of Bayern Munich fans.

Side effects have occurred. Many Bayern Munich fans who visited the store did not leave Kane mannequin alone. They bullied Kane. Touching, pinching, etc. The store staff expressed strong dissatisfaction.

The British newspaper The Sun said, “Many German fans were caught touching the Kane model at the Bayern Munich store. The Kane mannequin, which is part of the Christmas display, is suffering from excessive interest from Bayern Munich fans. Notably, the staff at the store had to keep adjusting Kane’s shorts.” 토토사이트 추천

In fact, a store employee complained, “Everyone is touching Kane’s body, which is on display all the time. No one is in awe of Kane’s achievements. All fans, male and female, pinch or tap. Especially since we touched Kane’s bottom so much, we have to constantly check to see if his shorts are right.”

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