PSG is still on the verge of elimination

He overcame the worst crisis without losing the match. If he lost, he might have moved to the third place in the group and competed in the UEFA Europa League, not the round of 16. Still, PSG is on the verge of elimination. Looking at the current situation in Group F, Dortmund defeated AC Milan 3-1 to reach the round of 16, securing 10 points to advance to the round of 16. PSG, Newcastle, and AC Milan are listed in order. 토토사이트

In the final match, PSG will face Dortmund. The match will be held at Iduna Park, home to Dortmund. Newcastle and AC Milan will face off, which will be held at St. James’ Park and Newcastle’s home stadium. PSG can gain an advantage even if it ties with the current situation, but it has no idea what will happen, so it must win. It may be fortunate to meet Dortmund, which has already confirmed its advance to the round of 16 and is somewhat less motivated, but it should be held at home to Dortmund, and know that Dortmund is aiming for the top spot.

After the match, Mbappe said in an interview, “It’s a shame. I had many chances but didn’t win. I want to go to Dortmund and win the group. My duty is to score goals and help my team members. I could have scored more goals tonight amid many chances, but I couldn’t. On a UCL level, you have to score when you have a chance. There were nine to 10 chances to score before the PK goal came out,” he said, expressing his will to win the match against Dortmund and his will to improve his decision-making power.

“I’m proud of myself. I think I deserved to win. I created several clear opportunities, but I had a hard time scoring a goal. The most important thing is to focus on ourselves. The possibility of passing the group stage is very complicated. If we catch Dortmund, it will be very easy,” he said, strengthening his commitment.

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