Real Madrid to Offer As soon as Transfer Market Opens

According to Spanish media As reported on Sunday, Real Madrid, a Spanish La Liga powerhouse, will try to recruit Mbappe as soon as January 1 next year, when the winter transfer window opens. Real Madrid is known to have planned to include an official proposal as soon as possible to embrace Mbappe.

Real Madrid is the most likely team to be Mbappe’s next destination. In the past few years, whenever the transfer market opened, Real Madrid and Mbappe were connected, but it did not happen. 온라인경마

There is a real possibility this time. The contract between Mbappe and PSG ends in the summer of 2024. The two sides are yet to move to renew the contract.

In January, Mbappe has a contract period of less than six months under Boseman’s rules, so he can freely negotiate with other teams. Real Madrid, which has been steadily pursuing Mbappe recruitment, cannot miss this opportunity.

If it goes wrong, PSG may have to send Mbappe, the world’s best player, without receiving a single transfer fee. The fate of the club may change depending on whether it is renewed or not. From Mbappe’s point of view, PSG’s attempt to negotiate seems difficult because he can earn more salary without renewing his contract.

It is a huge gain for Real Madrid. European transfer media set a whopping 180 million euros for Mbappe’s market value. The record is the same as that of Manchester City striker Erling Holan.

If Mbappe leaves for Real Madrid, Lee Kang-in will lose one of the team’s best teammates. After moving to PSG, Lee Kang-in has been leading the team’s attack with Mbappe. Lee Kang-in is a creative, accurate, and sharp kick type, so he fits well with Mbappe, who is good at penetration.

Lee Kang-in and Mbappe displayed good chemistry both on and off the field, drawing keen attention from Korean soccer fans. However, if Mbappe decides to move, the bromance between the two players will come to an end in a year.

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