Retiring ‘Legend’ Yeom Ki-hoon is a ‘bullet in the back’… Why Suwon fans are more angry

Suwon tied Gangwon FC 0-0 in the final match of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2023 38th Round” held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 2 p.m. on the 2nd. Suwon, which has eight wins, nine draws and 21 losses and 33 points, has been confirmed to be directly demoted to the 12th place.

Founded in 1995, the prestigious club, which won four K-League titles, five FA Cup titles and two Asian Champions League titles, collapsed overnight. With Suwon’s demotion to the second division, the “Super Match” with FC Seoul, once the biggest box office and big match in professional football, can no longer be made.

Suwon fans, who filled the stands after the relegation was confirmed, looked incredulous. Some cried so much that some fans broke into the ground because they couldn’t beat their anger. Most of the fans were not aware of the reality that the club, which was the source of pride, was falling into the second division.

Players also shed tears while lying on the ground. However, the horrible reality of being demoted was already an irreversible outcome. An electronic sign posted an apology, saying, “There are no excuses. I sincerely apologize. I will become Suwon Samsung who will be reborn with the determination of re-creation of the team.” The team’s soulless message, which resembled the loss of a cow and the fixing of the barn, rather aroused the anger of the fans.

The reason why Suwon fans are more angry is that their beloved “Legend” Yeom Ki-hoon became a “bullet” who took full responsibility for the relegation. Yeom Ki-hoon, an icon representing the glory of Suwon’s past, finished his career in Suwon with the humble reality of relegation. While Legend was playing as a playing coach, he even served as an acting coach and devoted himself to the team, but what remained was responsibility and tears for the relegation.

On the same day, Lee Keun-ho retired splendidly to receive a standing ovation from Daegu home fans with his team’s victory. Acting manager Yeom Ki-hoon, holding the microphone after the match, shed tears. “I am very sorry and apologize to the fans. I am very sorry,” he said, lowering his head. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Suwon, which started the season with two draws and five losses, replaced Lee Byung-keun in a surprise move. After serving as acting coach Choi Sung-yong, Kim Byung-soo was appointed. Suwon declared that it had given full power to Kim to escape from the relegation zone. It promised that unless Kim resigns, there will be no replacement. However, as the team’s performance continued to deteriorate, Suwon broke its promise again and sacked Kim.

Suwon said head coach Kim Byung-soo has agreed to drop his baton. However, Kim refuted the claim, saying he had no intention of giving up his coach post. Legendary Yeom Ki-hoon accepted the position as acting coach on Sept. 26 at a time when the team was undergoing a demotion.

Yeom Ki-hoon is a legend who has the most assists ever with 77 goals and 110 assists in the K-League. No matter how legendary his juniors follow, Yeom Ki-hoon has no coaching experience. The K-League is not an easy place for him to get Suwon in crisis out of the relegation zone right away. It was an unreasonable move in the first place. Criticism has been mounting that the team’s leadership may have set up a legend as a “bullet” to question the responsibility for the relegation.

After the relegation was confirmed, acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon said, “I was going to retire last year, but I decided to play as a playing coach. I always have no regrets about my choice. Many people tried to stop me, but I always did my best not to leave any regrets,” showing his position that he had put everything down for the team.

After the game, angry fans shouted, “Oh Dong-seok, come out!” and held the general manager responsible. Oh Dong-seok grabbed a microphone on the spot and said, “I will thank the company,” showing his resignation. The club says that nothing has been decided yet on whether to accept Oh’s resignation.

Fans believe that the biggest responsibility for Suwon’s demotion lies in the complacent operation of the team’s high-ranking head of the team. It is just an excuse that the team failed to recruit good players due to reduced investment. There are many “cost-effectiveness” clubs that have performed better even if they spent less money than Suwon.

Will Suwon be able to say such a thing in front of Gwangju FC, which ranked third in the K-League this season due to poor training facilities? Currently, Suwon does not have the mood of Pohang’s team, which has secured the second place by banking on coach Kim Ki-dong’s strategy, leadership and players’ commitment.

Relegation has already happened. Now, detailed plans that fans can understand how Suwon will renovate its team and promote it to the K-League 1 again and revive it to a prestigious post. If Suwon is soaked in past glory forever, it will never be easy to get promoted to the K-League 2 either.

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