Ruiz and Kelly are not in a pleasant mood at the start of the exhibition game

Louise gave Kelly a bat as a joke while moving for three bullpen pitches at the LG Twins’ training session at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul in the middle of this month. It was a joke, but Ruiz and Kelly are not in a pleasant mood at the start of the exhibition game. Ruiz, who wore a new LG uniform in the 2022 season, signed a $1 million contract to fulfill his long-cherished desire to win for the first time in 28 years. He made his major league debut with the Atlanta Braves in 2016 and moved to the Baltimore Orioles in the 2019 season and the Colorado Rockies in 2021. He played in 315 Major League Baseball games with a batting average of .122, 28 home runs, 109 RBIs, and OPS.He is a long-distance hitter with a record of 644

However, at the end of the exhibition game, Ruiz is not adapting to the KBO League. Ruiz is 3-for-24 in eight exhibition games. Three hits and no long hits. Of course, exhibition games don’t mean much, but major leaguers’ performance is too shabby. Ruiz has recently been training with coach Lee Ho-joon to keep his batting balance. On this day, he also worked hard to escape the slump by training centered on lower body movement. Kelly is LG’s clear ace pitcher with two-digit wins every season since wearing the LG uniform in 2019. He has won 42 games in the KBO League.

However, the start was late this year. He made his first appearance in an exhibition game on the 22nd after suffering a minor ankle injury in spring camp. With less than a week left before the opening, Kelly threw only 25 balls in three innings and went over the mound. At a normal pace, he had to throw 60 to 70 balls, but he didn’t seem to overdo it. However, this does not mean that there is an abnormality in the ankle injury or in the body. All you have to do is raise your condition and number of pitches in time for the regular season. 카지노사이트

Kelly is also expected to achieve double-digit wins for the fourth consecutive year in LG’s foreign pitching history, unless he has a special injury or extreme slump. The LG Twins maintain a good performance with a winning rate of 0.750 with six wins, two draws and two losses in exhibition games. Although winning or losing exhibition games does not mean much, the balance and condition of the two and others are that good. Fans are looking forward to when Lewis, who is in a slump, will play the role of a troubleshooter.

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