Russian athletes do not receive passports to Malta

The war between Ukraine and Russia is also affecting local casinos. The Maltese government has announced that it will no longer issue EU passports to Russian players, but this is necessary to allow casino fans in Russia to enter Maltese casinos and play games.

The gambling industry collects donations
Individual players will be punished if Russian players are banned or gambling operators withdraw from Russia. Or some gambling operators have already started collecting donations to make them available to Ukrainians. Donations are for healthcare coverage above all else.

For this reason, Entain donated a total of 60,000 euros. Both Betson and Microgramming are also known to have donated, but nothing is known about their height. 온라인경마

The SBC Group has raised £150,000 while a Kyiv-based company has already donated €1 million. The “Game Industry for Ukraine” project has also been established now, raising donations to help victims of the war in Ukraine.

Sweden’s Kindred Group wants to show solidarity in other ways and provide jobs to refugees, and to that end, it is accelerating the support process so that stakeholders can get jobs faster. Separately, Kindred provides financial support when moving and covers health and life insurance.

Does the war in Ukraine affect playing online casinos in general?
Currently, gambling fans generally do not appear to be affected by the fighting between Ukraine and Russia. While most online casinos are simply withdrawing from Russia, they maintain their offerings in other countries. This war has only affected certain regional tournaments. However, gambling providers are doing everything they can to make sure they don’t have to change their usual range and continue to provide the same fun with casino games and slots.

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