Samsung sent Oh Seung-hwan and Doosan sent Kim Hyun-soo…LG’s courageous decision to send Ko Woo-seok and lay the foundation for ‘reputation and dynasty’

Back then, the Samsung Lions sent Oh Seung-hwan, and the Doosan Bears sent Kim Hyun-soo to Japan and the U.S., respectively. It was a championship record and a point on the verge of building a dynasty. As a result, both teams won the championship without Oh and Kim. Then, they filled the vacancy.

Ko signed a two-year contract worth up to 7.5 million dollars with the San Diego Padres. It has a two-year guarantee of 4 million dollars. LG will pay 900,000 dollars for the posting. Initially, LG had planned not to allow Ko’s contract unless the contract size is large. Without LG’s agreement, Ko’s move to San Diego would not have been possible. 슬롯머신

Ko Woo-seok’s contract is not cheap, nor is it a jackpot contract. There was a slight ambiguity, but LG decided to send Ko Woo-seok to Major League Baseball on a grand scale. LG’s power was weakened by this choice, but it took the cause of being a big team that considers the future of the player.

In the past, Samsung sent Oh to the Hanshin Tigers in the Japanese pro baseball after the 2013 season. Back then, Hanshin took Oh on a two-year, 900 million yen condition. Oh was not a free agent, and Samsung allowed him to transfer to Hanshin after arbitrarily withdrawing from the team. Samsung said it would send Oh regardless of the transfer fee.

Back then, Samsung had established a dynasty by winning three consecutive championships. Consequently, without Oh Seung-hwan, Samsung had achieved four consecutive championships in a row. Although Im Chang-yong (retired) made a superb comeback, giving up on Oh was not an easy decision to make. However, Samsung used this as an opportunity to find a new face.

Doosan also sent its flagship hitter Kim Hyun-soo to the Baltimore Orioles after winning the Korean Series in 2015. Of course, Kim had no reason to ask Doosan’s permission because he went as a free agent, not as a posting. Even so, it is true that Doosan supported Kim’s dream.

After Kim Hyun-soo left, Doosan found a signature hitter named Kim Jae-hwan. Kim Hyun-soo declared his return to Korea after two years, but it was difficult to receive Kim from Doosan. Eventually, Kim moved to LG, Kim Jae-hwan walked as Kim Jae-hwan and Kim Hyun-soo walked as Tantan-daero.

Samsung won the title overall in 2014 and Doosan won the title in 2016, respectively, filling the void of star player. There is a strong possibility that LG will do the same in 2024. As the bullpen depth is the strongest among 10 teams, chances are slim that the bullpen will lose its power if individuals reorganize and adapt to specific positions. Yeom Kyung-yeop, who plans 99 percent of the next season during the closing camp, will likely make thorough preparations. Reports have already suggested that Yoo Young-chan was chosen as the new closing pitcher.

If LG wins its second consecutive championship this year, it will join the dynastic path like Samsung and Doosan in earnest. Just like the two teams did, LG sent Ko Woo-suk to the Major League and earned him the right to become a prestigious baseball team. Only when you know how to protect your players for the future can you be a prestigious baseball team. Just because you win a few championships does not mean that it is a prestigious baseball team.

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