San Diego has invested heavily in recent years and sought to win the World Series.

However, the result was a failure. Under A.J. Freler, he has made only two postseason appearances (2020 and 2022 seasons), not to mention winning the district championship. Last year, MLB Traderoom mentioned non-trade resources after mentioning the possibility that San Diego will drastically reduce its annual salary, which amounts to 253 million U.S. dollars, to less than 200 million dollars in the 2023 season. “None of the key groups, including Manny Machado, Fernando Tatis Jr., Xander Bogaerts, Xander Bogaerts, Darvish Yu, Kim Ha-sung, and Joe Musgroove, are at risk of trade,” the media said, acknowledging that he is a key player in his team. 온라인카지노

Except for Kim Ha-sung, the rest of the players still have long-term contracts. Machado signed long-term contracts worth 350 million U.S. dollars for 11 years, Tatis Jr. 340 million dollars for 14 years, Darvish for six years, 108 million dollars for six years, and Musgrubb for five years. Shortstop Xander Bogaerts also joined the team by investing a whopping 280 million dollars for 11 years. However, Kim was not the only one. In August last year, the East Village Times claimed that Kim’s annual salary is 7 million dollars, which is too low and that he should sign an extension contract worth 150 million dollars for seven years.

When analyzing San Diego’s roster for the 2024 season, The Athletic recently selected six infielders. Along with Xander Bogaerts, Manny Machado, Jake Cronenworth, Matthew Baton, and Tucupita Marcano, it naturally included Kim Ha-sung. Unlike Kim Ha-sung, Jake Cronenworth’s contract to extend his contract to 80 million U.S. dollars for seven years will take effect from the 2024 season. If San Diego wants Kim Ha-sung to continue, the club should actively sign a multi-year contract. However, the situation is different if Kim Ha-sung’s expected ransom is huge. This is why San Diego and Kim Ha-sung have yet to be reported on their multi-year contract.

The San Francisco Giants, where Lee Jung-hoo plays, are considered the most promising candidate for Kim Ha-sung. The San Francisco Chronicle reported in November last year that the San Francisco Giants will reinforce the left infield (third baseman, shortstop) and may recruit Kim Ha-sung through a trade. Brandon Crawford (36), a veteran shortstop in the team, is on the decline. In the 2023 season, he played in 93 games and recorded a batting average of 0.194 with 7 homers and 38 RBIs with a 0.587 OPS. Marco Luciano, born in 2001, who made his Major League debut in the second half of the 2023 season and played 14 games, also seems to need a lot of time to establish himself.

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