Sands China Gives Annual Bonus To 23,000 Employees

One of Macau’s six largest concessionaires said bonuses would be paid “in appreciation of the dedication and contribution of team members in 2022,” according to a press release. The company added that almost all employees will benefit from discretionary allowance payments or the company’s sales incentive scheme. Sands did not disclose more information about the total amount it would pay to provide such benefits and incentives.

Wilfred Wong Ying Wai, president of Sands China, said the company is “supportive of Macau through good and difficult times” and “committed to the responsibility of companies to promote economic diversification and give back to the community.”

In a message to Sands’ employees, Y also mentioned the policy goals of China’s central government and local authorities to expand Macau’s economic benefits beyond gambling and tourism. Sands China reported a bigger loss in the third quarter compared to April-June as those targets were undermined in the COVID-19 situation that forced casino closures and lower sales and revenue numbers.

However, the operator achieved a slight rebound in earnings, helped by a modest market recovery due to China’s recently suspended “zero-COVID” policy. 카지노사이트 순위

In December, Sands China, along with five other Macau concessions, was confirmed as the winner of the new 10-year casino game concession. The company operates Sands Macao on the city’s peninsula, a casino resort collection on the famous Cotai Strip, and the recent concessions allow the operator to operate the largest number of casino tables and games among Macau operators. The new concessions will help boost operations so that the company remains eligible to provide bonus payments and sales incentives to employees in the future.

All operators in Macao pay additional allowances to their employees every Lunar New Year or Lunar New Year, regardless of their actual economic performance, and the Macao authorities frequently pay six major operators to keep their total game tax revenue the same at all times. Thus, operators can pay “discretionary allowances” to full-time employees regardless of their financial performance to maintain their loyalty over the years.

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