Sands China Launches A Series of Performing Arts Shows

Macau-based casino operator Sands China announced Monday that it will launch a series of performing arts shows at the hotel. Sands China said in a press release that the Sands Performing Arts Program aims to “rich” Macau’s non-game services. 경마

The announcement quoted Wilfred Wong, chairman of the Ying Ying Company, as saying the program will “introduce cities with the best domestic and international performing arts products.”

This year’s list of Sands performing arts programs includes Chinese classical opera “Moranjeong” and popular Chinese dance drama “Poetry Dance: A Journey of Legendary Landscape Painting.” The Vienna-based quartet Yanosca Ensemble will be brought to Macau, and will include Cantonese opera events.

Also on Monday, Sands China announced that it has opened a “new three art spaces” at its Timlab Supernature Macau facility since June 1. The latter features a permanent exhibition of digital art installations by Japan-based art group Timlab.

Sands China has committed to investing 30 billion MOPs ($3.7 billion) by the end of 2032, of which $27.8 billion is committed to “non-game projects that will appeal to international visitors as well.” It was a condition to get a new game license that started on January 1.

Macau’s six operators have pledged the government to spend a total of $108.7 billion on non-gaming and pioneering overseas customer markets during the new concession period. If total annual gaming revenue across the city reaches 180 billion MOPs, it will need to increase promised concession-related investments by 20% over the next decade.

Sands China separately announced Friday that it has launched the Sands Resort Incubating Center to promote young entrepreneurship, technological innovation and smart tourism in Macau through a series of targeted seminars and competitions.

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