SEVENTEEN transforms Yokohama into K-pop extravaganza with ‘THE CITY’ project

The  Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris wheel displays the official logo of K-pop act SEVENTEEN at Cosmo World in Yokohama, Japan, Sunday. Korea Times photo by Pyo Kyung-min

YOKOHAMA, Japan — K-pop sensation SEVENTEEN has expanded its influence beyond its homeland, captivating the Japanese port city of Yokohama. The group’s “THE CITY” project, an endeavor aimed at turning entire cities into “K-pop playgrounds,” transformed Yokohama into a vibrant display of SEVENTEEN’s colors: rose quartz and serenity, coinciding During a visit last weekend, traces of SEVENTEEN’s event could be found in every nook and cranny of Tokyo and Yokohama, from exhibitions at Ikebukuro’s department stores to pop-up shops in Shibuya and even the iconic Ferris wheel in Cosmo Land.This widespread celebration was part of HYBE Label’s ambitious “THE CITY” project, a recurring series of promotional events that take over cities hosting performances by the agency’s artists. It turns these cities into expansive “K-pop playgrounds” where fans can immerse themselves in SEVENTEEN’s music and culture.

The excitement was palpable as fans flocked to Tokyo’s Ikebukuro PARCO last Saturday for the “SEVENTEEN MUSEUM 2024.” Here they were treated to an array of exhibitions including previously unreleased photos of SEVENTEEN’s “Magic Moments,” costumes worn by the members and special augmented reality (AR) images accessible via QR codes. The enthusiasm continued in the main streets of Shibuya, Tokyo, where a pop-up store occupying an entire building floor sold a variety of merchandise, including rare photo cards and official light sticks. Among the most sought-after was the “memorial keychain” vending machine, where visitors could have their names engraved to their liking.”Most of the merch I wanted is sold out. It’s disappointing, but I guess it’s because the group is so popular,” said Ruting, a Taiwanese “Carat,” or fan of SEVENTEEN. “At least I managed to get a keychain, which adds a touch of uniqueness, so that’s 추천 something I’m happy to take home.”

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