“Shooting is for the consent of the victim.”

On the 21st, the prosecution demanded a 12-year prison term for cases such as violations of the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes conducted by the Criminal Agreement Department 31 (Chief Judge Lee Joong-min).

Mr. A said, “First of all, I am sorry for causing a stir in society. “I’m reflecting on myself and repenting a lot.” 카지노사이트

A’s lawyer claimed, “I sincerely apologize to the victim for causing irreparable wounds to the victim through impulsive behavior, but I acknowledged that I received the victim’s consent to take a camera.”

His sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 20.

Meanwhile, A, a former rugby national team member who appeared in Netflix’s original “Physical: 100,” was arrested and sent to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office on the 2nd of last month for assaulting his lover at his home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul in February.

Despite the victim’s rejection, he is also suspected of illegally filming with his cell phone. The victim fled in his pajamas to avoid A’s assault and reported it to the police.

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