Silverton Casino Lodge Hotel Rooms Reopen

Rooms at Silverton Casino Lodge, a $40 million refurbishment, are now open, creating a new boutique hotel experience for the casino resort’s berth.

In addition to the new rooms, you are invited to experience new experiences such as Wine Time, where you can have a night wine tasting experience at one of the resort lounges, and a refined social hour at the Twin Creek Steakhouse.

Sundance Cafe also resumed its 24-hour format, reviving American favorite water menus day and night with Silverton’s popular mermaid swim appearance at the 117,00-gallon aquarium, which has been extended to seven days a week.

Silverton Casino Hotel’s refurbishment also includes new casino carpets, slots and video poker upgrades, as well as additional refreshes to the restaurant menu.

Cowboy Glam Glam

The newly renovated hotel features 300 “luxury lodge” rooms and suites, and contains three unique “design stories,” each with its own style, decor and spirit to transport guests with a unique experience each time they visit: 온라인경마

  • Cowboy Kitsch Collection — Rooms with a quirky blend of rustic chic and sophisticated modern accents
  • Rustic Modern Collection – rooms with natural, old, weathered furniture and a natural warmth of the outdoors
  • Refined Lodge Collection — Elegant Rockies Glam Design and Legendary West a cabin inspired by a cattle baron’s house

Silverton CEO Craig Caviller said, “This is where the luxury meets the rustic charm of modern cabins,” adding, “Each room is carefully designed to be luxurious, casual, fun, and of course very comfortable.”

The new room design was inspired by Hotel Drover, a Marriott Sign Collection hotel that opened in the historic Fort Worth Stockyard in 2021. Like the Hotel Drover, the Silverton design includes intentional and eye-catching touch points. Since its opening, Drover has been recognized by USA Today, Condé Nast, Forbes, and Travel + Leisure for its unique and elegant Western glam design, curated art, crafted fixtures, and custom furniture.

“It’s about more than room remodeling,” said Kayla Wilkie, director of design and development at Majestic Realty, an affiliate of Silverton & Hotel Drover. “This was an opportunity to creatively reinvent our entire hotel operations in Las Vegas. While we maintain our accommodation themes that guests have enjoyed for years, our new rooms and suites will bring our guests into a new spirit of rustic elegance, offering a unique Las Vegas hotel experience.”

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