‘SON contract renewal issue’ resurfaced… media outlet “Son Heung-min is happy at Tottenham. Good agreement will be reached”

British media “Football London” commented on the 13th (Korea Standard Time) by writing, “Seven Tottenham players who have to decide to renew their contracts with manager Angie Postecoglou as Udo-gi signs a contract with Tottenham.” Son Heung-min’s name was on the list. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

On the same day, Udoggi successfully renewed his contract with Tottenham. He extended his contract through the summer of 2030. Udoggi, who played for Udinese Calcio in Serie A, confirmed his move to Tottenham last summer. After being loaned to Udinez upon his transfer, he scored three goals and four assists in 34 matches in all tournaments last season.

Udogi has returned to Tottenham in the 2022-2023 season after completing his loan. After Postecoglou joined the team, Udogi has become the main player this season. In particular, Udogi contributed greatly to Postecoglou’s attacking soccer.

Football London insisted that Tottenham also sign a new contract with Son, saying, “He has turned 31, but as a team captain, he is stepping up whenever the club needs a fixer. Manager Postecoglou also admitted that he will form a team centered on a Korean star player (Son Heung-min). Son’s contract with Tottenham ends only 18 months later. Tottenham has an option to extend their contract by one year.”

Son Heung-min, who joined Tottenham in 2015, has been playing for the team for nine years already. Even Harry Kane, the highest scorer in Tottenham’s history, left for Bayern Munich, making Son’s presence more prominent. He has been wearing Tottenham’s captain’s armband since this season.

“He has scored many goals over and over again, he has already scored 10 Premier League goals in 16 matches this season. This shows that he is an attractive player in the world,” Football London said. “Tottenham will not risk termination of his contract with a star player as it did with Kane. As he looks happy (at Tottenham), an agreement will be reached (re-signing) without fail.”

Having played for Tottenham since childhood, Kane scored a total of 273 goals and became the most prolific scorer in the club’s history. However, he moved to Munich ahead of this season.

Tottenham had no intention of sending Kane, the striker, to Munich. However, as his contract expired in the summer of 2024, they had to consider the number of occasions when they had no choice but to release him for free a year later. In the end, after a long tug-of-war, Tottenham decided to let Kane go.

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