Speculation about the KBO’s salary cap, which was introduced for the first time this year, is growing.

Speculation about the KBO’s salary cap, which was introduced for the first time this year, is growing.

Recently, the managers of the 10 clubs held a workshop in Busan. Winter is the “manager’s time” when managers and players take a break. It was not just a social gathering, but also a place where various discussions took place.

Following the board meeting, the head coaches’ meeting also raised the issue of salary cap rebalancing.

According to the existing agreement, the new salary cap is for three years, until 2025. The cap is 120% of the average of the salaries of the top 40 players (annualized salary + realized salary + average annualized contract), excluding rookies and foreign players, in the last two years.

50% of the excess for a first offense. Second and third offenses carry penalties of 100% and 150%, respectively, as well as a rookie first-round pick (down nine spots). 온라인카지노 While the penalties are steep, it’s a soft cap that leaves room for some wiggle room.

However, there have been claims that the initial agreement was not well thought out. More than half of the teams are under the salary cap, and others are close. That’s why teams locked up their wallets immediately after the big-name signings of Jeon Jun-woo, An Chi-hong, and Kim Jae-yoon in free agency this winter.

LG President Cha Myung-seok’s comments at the second round of the draft are typical.

He said, “A team like ours, which entered the fall baseball for five consecutive years and won the championship this year, is bound to go over the salary cap. In a professional baseball game where every team loses money, preventing teams from operating autonomously hinders the development of baseball,” he said.

“We can discuss it again after three years, but if it’s urgent, we can make a quick decision now,” he added. LG still hasn’t finalized discussions with its internal free agents, including Im Chan-kyu and Ham Deok-ju. Oh Ji-hwan’s contract has also been agreed upon, but the amount per year has not been disclosed.

Salary-cap-strapped clubs have been pushing out high-priced players in the second round of the draft. Choi Joo-hwan (Kiwoom), Woo Kyu-min (KT), Kim Kang-min (Hanwha), and others made transfers that would have been unthinkable in the past.

However, there are also those who argue that it is too early to talk about abolishing or adjusting it after only one year of implementation.

Some clubs have invested generously in free agents even before the salary cap started, while others have tightened their belts and prepared for now, despite the pressure of public opinion. It’s not fair that the losing team should be the one to argue for its abolition. First of all, it is a question that should be considered after the first three years.

Especially in free agency, 토토사이트 순위 some teams make strategic contracts that push salaries into the fourth year. This is why there is a sharp criticism that it is a calculated choice that the salary cap will be abolished in three years.

For now, the pro and con camps are evenly matched. The debate will resume in January, but it’s unlikely to come to a quick conclusion.

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