“Studio City Countdown”

Melco Crown Entertainment (MCE) Integrated Casino Resort Studio City, which will feature performances by singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor Mariah Carey, is set for a grand opening. The opening of the $3.2 billion Kotai Streep film-themed resort casino, controlled by Lawrence Hoyaw Rong and James Packer, is the culmination of the 14-month intense highs and lows experienced by the local casino market.

The wait over the past few weeks has been fueled by a steady stream of events surrounding the opening of Studio City. Earlier this week, Economy and Finance Minister Lionel Long Vai Tak announced that the Macau government has approved a total of 250 gaming tables in addition to 1,233 gaming machines. 200 were designated for launch on Tuesday, with the remaining 50 expected to run until January 2016. At the same time, Galaxy Entertainment has received approval for 100 new tables for the Galaxy Macao Resort.

The news comes days after the unveiling of the Studio City Events Center, which was attended by 8,500 employees and moderated by Lawrence Ho and MCE co-chairman Ted Chan. The disclosure follows revelations that the MCE is changing its market strategy to adapt to a major downturn in the Macau gambling market. The company has decided to downgrade the resort casino’s hotel from 5-star 1 to 4. The change was implemented by the MCE to attract more tourists by promoting Studio City as a family-friendly holiday destination. 카지노사이트 순위

Studio City Macao is Asia’s first leisure resort, integrating film and TV production facilities, games, retail and hotels, located in central Kotai, adjacent to Lotus Bridge and directly connected to the Macao light rail system Macao LRT. Macao LRT provides major border checkpoints such as Lotus Bridge Border and Macao International Airport, making it easily accessible to studio city visitors, providing more assets to the region and MCE.

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