‘Summer temperature of 40 degrees’…Saudi Sports Minister Says “The 2034 World Cup Can Be held in June” Shocking Remarks

Players who want to participate in the 2034 World Cup will be stunned to hear that. Saudi Arabia, which was effectively selected as the host of the 2034 World Cup, is set to open up the possibility to host the World Cup in the middle of summer.

The British public broadcaster BBC released an interview with Saudi Sports Minister and royal family Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Saud on the 8th (Korea time) and talked about how to host the 2034 World Cup. 안전놀이터

In the interview, Prince Al Saud responded to the possibility of hosting the World Cup in the summer, saying, “I’m not sure yet, but I’m thinking about the options that will open in the winter.”

The British media “Mirror” also said, “During the hottest period of the year, the average temperature in Saudi Arabia rises to 40 degrees Celsius and reaches up to 50 degrees Celsius,” adding that Saudi Arabia’s summer hosting is a very difficult option. When the BBC also asked about the practical possibility of hosting the summer with this point, Al Saud said, “I hope we find a way (to hold it in the summer),” and added, “I will try to make the best World Cup ever.”

However, there are many obstacles to hosting the World Cup in the summer. The 2022 Qatar World Cup also took place in the winter instead of in the summer. At that time, Qatar declared that it would hold the summer event by fully operating air conditioning inside a closed room, but after being told that it was an unreasonable plan right after the bid, it eventually decided to hold the event in mid-November.

According to Crown Science, which measures the world’s average temperature, there is little difference between Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s summer temperature. June and July were considered the hottest periods, with Qatar recording an average temperature of 42.5 degrees Celsius and Saudi Arabia recording 40 degrees Celsius in June. For this reason, Saudi Arabia’s hosting of the World Cup in the summer is not visible.

Nevertheless, Saudi Arabia seems to be “serious” about hosting the World Cup in the summer. “Why don’t you look for the possibility to host the event in the summer?” Al Saud said in an interview. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter. The important thing is that we can host a match that meets the level of the World Cup,” adding that he is seriously considering the possibility of a summer World Cup as well.

Last month, Saudi Arabia’s president of the professional soccer association, Yasser al-Mimihal, also said he was looking for a way to hold it in the summer.

“There are many new technologies that can lower the temperature,” Mirrors said at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) ceremony held in Doha, Qatar last month. “There are several places in Saudi Arabia that boast a pleasant summer climate,” Mirrors said. “Whether Saudi Arabia will hold the summer event could become important for several national teams.”

However, the position of the Saudi royal family and the soccer federation and the local reality are quite different.

According to Mirror, Saudi professional league matches are often held at night to protect top European superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. Saudi league matches are held from August to May of the following year because football matches are not played in summer even in winter when people worry about the heat. There are no matches in June and July when the temperature is the highest.

Considering that the season ends without overlapping the professional league seasons of each country, and that the World Cup will be held in June or July for a little more than a month, it is expected that it will be difficult to host the Summer World Cup.

Despite the rules that require each World Cup to be held in turns on each continent, FIFA announced that the 2030 World Cup would be held simultaneously by combining South America, Europe and Africa, raising suspicions that the simultaneous hosting of the three countries paved the way for Saudi Arabia to hold it alone in 2034.

The Saudi World Cup in 2034 is under fire for steadily raising the view that the country is also attempting so-called “sportswashing” to cover up human rights issues in its own country with large sports. It is a World Cup that draws attention in many ways.

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