“Summoning the number of cases after all.” The 2nd place in Group E is better?

The Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, is in second place with one win and one draw (four points) in Group E of the 2023 AFC Asian Cup as of the 21st (Korea time).

Currently, Jordan (+4), which has been doing well in the match against Korea, is tied for first place, but is ahead in goal difference, Bahrain (3 points) is in third place in the group, and Malaysia, which has lost all two games, has confirmed its lowest ranking and elimination from the group stage.

Initially, the Korean team planned to easily win Group E and then advance to the round of 16 best teams. However, in the second match against Jordan, many weaknesses surfaced all at once, and the team managed to secure a draw after hardships.

The first and second-ranked teams from six groups will advance directly to the round of 16, while the top four teams from the remaining third-ranked teams will join. Therefore, Korea will likely have no major problems reaching the round of 16.

What has yet to be determined is the final ranking. Except for Malaysia, which has been eliminated from the final group matches, Korea, Jordan, and Bahrain are all eligible to rank first to third in Group E.

In the end, the number of cases in which matchups will be assigned to the round of 16 teams must be determined. For now, it is impossible for Korea to become No. 1 in the group on its own. This is because it is two goals behind Jordan in terms of points tie and goal difference.

South Korea needs a multi-score victory over Malaysia to rank No. 1 in its group. If Jordan draws or loses against Bahrain, it will automatically rank No. 1, but if Jordan wins, it should check again for goal difference. In this case, South Korea should beat Malaysia by at least three goals. 토토사이트 추천

If South Korea draws against Malaysia, the second place will be automatically confirmed, and if South Korea loses and Jordan loses to Bahrain, Bahrain will be ranked first, and South Korea and Jordan will decide their Group E rankings after scoring goals again.

Rather, some analysts say that it is easier for Japan to reach the round of 16 as the second-ranked team in its group. The first-ranked team in Group E will meet the second-ranked team in Group D, but Japan, another favorite, lost to Iraq and thus became the likely runner-up in Group D.

If they win the first place in Group E and advance to the tournament, they are likely to face Iran in the quarterfinals after Japan. In particular, the national team is weak against Iran and has a bad jinx that the team that eliminated Iran since 2000 has been eliminated in the next round.

If they advance to the round of 16 as the second-ranked team in Group E, they will face off with Saudi Arabia and Australia. Above all, they will have one more day off if they advance to the finals, as they will play earlier than when they placed first in Group E in the quarterfinals and semifinals.

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