“The 2nd Golden Generation” Daejeon Hana U-15 won the 2023 GROUND.N K League U14 Championship!

Daejeon won the championship cup with a 5:2 victory over Ulsan Hyundai U15 (hereinafter referred to as Ulsan) in the final of the ‘2023 GROUND.N K League U14 Championship’ held at Cheonan Football Center at 19:00 on the 20th (Sun).

On the 12th, Daejeon got off to a good start with a 3:2 victory over Seongnam FC U15 in the first round of the group qualifying round. Since then, Seoul has won 3:0 in the second round against FC U15 and confirmed its advance to the quarterfinals early. Despite a 2:5 loss in the third round against Pohang Steelers U15, Daejeon advanced to the quarterfinals with the first place in the group (2 wins and 1 loss).

Daejeon, which settled in the semifinals with a 3:2 victory after a penalty shoot-out against Suwon FC U15, met FC Anyang U15 in the semifinals and advanced to the final with a 3:1 victory. 토토사이트

Daejeon, which met Ulsan in the final, started with Lee Ji-woo’s score in the 9th minute of the first half and succeeded in Yang Won-young’s multi-goal and Kim Seo-joon and Kim Sun-woo’s consecutive goals. Although Ulsan allowed two runs at the end of the second half, they showed excellent performance and won the championship 5:2.

The main team of Daejeon’s second-year students won various elementary school competitions, including the 2021 “Elementary Soccer League Daejeon Region” victory and the “Elementary Soccer League Dream Jaram Festival and the 50th National Youth Sports Festival.”

Coach Kim Yoon-yeol and coach Kim Sang-ho, who led the golden generation to win the championship, won the Best Coach Award and the Best Coach Award, respectively. In addition, Kim Ji-ho won the Best Player Award, Kim Sun-woo won the Attack Award, and Kim Woo-ri won the Best Young Play Award. In addition, Daejeon ended splendidly with the Fair Play Team Award.

Head coach Kim Yoon-yeol said, “It was a difficult competition in many ways, including hot weather, changing the schedule of the game due to typhoons, and COVID-19 infection of the main players. I was able to win thanks to the club that supported me a lot and the players who overcame it with one mind. “Thank you to everyone who supported me, and I will work harder to foster excellent players,” he said.

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