The angry scene of Elling Holan (Manchester City) has become a “meme.” Several gifs are being created over his anger.

The soccer platform Out of Context Football posted a picture of Hallan and the cartoon Pokemon character Gyarados together on the 5th (Korea Standard Time). It is said that Hallan’s angry scene against Tottenham resembles Pokémon Gyarados.

The media also posted a picture of a composite of Gyaradas on Hallan’s face. Many British media outlets are reporting that Hallan was dissatisfied with the referee’s decision and are also delivering interesting composite photos.

There was a reason why Hallan was angry. Hallan, who started against Tottenham (3-3 draws) on the 4th, hit back at the referee just before the end of the game.

In the second half of extra time, when the two teams were 3-3 tight, Emerson Royal tackled as soon as Hallan was hit with his back to Tottenham’s goal near the half line. Hallan stumbled and fell, but he got up straight and scored a penetrating pass to Jack Grealish, who was penetrating forward. 바카라사이트

The ball fell right in front of Grealish’s feet, running forward. However, the referee stopped the game. Emerson’s play, which tackled Holan, was judged to be a foul. If the game continued as it was, it was clear that Grealish would have a one-on-one chance with the goalkeeper.

After all, Hallan complained to the referee and received a yellow card, leaving abusive messages on social media after the game. While leaving the stadium, he was on the verge of a collision with Tottenham’s Giovanni Lo Celso.

The prevailing view is that the decision was a poor one. Manchester United legend Roy Keane said on Sky Sports, “The referee made a mistake. It was a wrong decision.” Many soccer players shook their heads after watching this scene.

However, Manchester City is on the verge of disciplinary action. The English Football Association said in a statement, “The players’ act surrounding the referee in the match against Tottenham is in violation of FA Regulation E20.1. Manchester City failed to control inappropriate behavior of its players.”

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