The attitude was quite good

If you look at Vietnam from the outside, you may feel that you have to play comfortably and win for granted, but of course, there is no winning in soccer. The players are well aware of this and I think they entered the stadium and won such a big victory. There are definitely problems and homework that need to be fixed. Overall, he played a positive game in terms of the situation.

I didn’t do anything special today. The entire players made a lot of good plays. It was important to create a lot of offensive chances against dense defense, but many goals were scored because they made it well. 스포츠토토

I don’t have a stake. Nothing gave him a perfect pass. I’m satisfied that the goal went in. I wish Cho Kyu-sung had scored a goal, but I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I didn’t get compensation for running and pressing Cho Kyu-sung a lot out of sight.

Says a lot of things. Each camp asks for a lot of things and tries new things. It came out in a different formation today than before. I think the players were able to play like this because they were well aware of it. On the offensive side, they demanded more organic movements. They talk about the little things and the basics more because scoreless is the most important things.

I hope it’s not too much. If you are worried about injuries during every collision and fierce game, you should not play this kind of soccer. That’s why I love soccer. In the first half, he hit his thigh slightly, but it didn’t interfere much. I think it will be helpful to go back to my team in terms of physical and performance as I play full time today.

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