The bad news of the injury caught KIA’s ankle again.

Coach Kim Jong-guk announced the news of outfielder Choi Won-jun’s injury before the game against SSG Landers on the 10th. It means that the season will end early due to fine damage to the left calf fascia and muscles. Rehabilitation was judged to be up to eight weeks. It was a bad news that he could not use his valuable power for six important games.

Choi Won-joon was selected as the Asian Games representative. On September 27, a day before he left for Hangzhou, he was hit in the calf by a batter’s ball during a baserunning play. According to the KBO, there was no big problem even after being hit by the ball, and he left the country without a checkup because he thought he could train and play games normally.

He also conducted training in Hangzhou, but his condition got worse. He was examined by the national team’s medical staff and was diagnosed with a sprained (percussion). Perhaps due to local circumstances, he did not undergo a thorough examination such as MRI, and the deadline for replacement of national team players (September 30) was passed. If you hurt your calf, everything is impossible, including hitting, running, and defense. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

In the end, he only cheered on the bench with pitcher Kwak Bin (Doosan), who failed to play in the national team game and also failed to play due to injury. Thanks to his teammates who played hard, he won the gold medal, but he was hurt and felt sorry. It was regrettable to see him limping when he returned home through Incheon International Airport with the national team.

At a glance, the injury was unusual. On the 10th, the club required an MRI examination at a designated hospital and a good hospital. The worst result was to end the season as it was. Coach Kim Jong-kook was also disappointed as he left the country intact and returned with a limp. Choi Won-jun’s presence, which can hit, defend, and run base, was useful.

He may be in the table setter camp with Kim Do-young. As an outfielder, he had a wide range of defense and stolen base skills, so he was highly utilized. It could have been a great help to the team if he won the gold medal while playing on the Hangzhou ground and added confidence. Outfielder Jihoon Choi and shortstop Park Sung-han, who returned to the opposing team’s SSG, scored multiple hits to lead the victory.

In the end, KIA failed to utilize Choi Won-jun and lost 5-6. KIA has already lost key players such as Na Sung-bum, Choi Hyung-woo and Park Chan-ho. Even without them, they have kept their winning percentage close to 50%. Choi Won-jun, who was expected to be, was also listed as the fourth injured defector, causing anxiety. He is terribly unlucky in KIA.

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