The best XI for the early part of the season

Soccer statistics media “Huscoed Dotcom” released its best Eleven rating on its official SNS channel on the 13th (Korea Standard Time), saying, “So far, the German Bundesliga team of the season.” The formation is 4-4-2.

The standout positions are by far two front-line strikers. The two-top was named by Seru Girash (Stuttgart) and Victor Boniface (Bayer Leverkusen). Kane was not named. That’s how good Girashi and Bonnie Face’s pace at the beginning of the season is.

First, Girash is a new scoring monster in the Bundesliga.Kirashi is a striker who has not seen much light. He has played for Lille, Cologne, Amiens and Stadren, but the only time he scored in double digits was the 2020-21 season and last season.

He was a striker with clear strengths and weaknesses. Girash is a striker who is good at headers and physical fights using solid physical ability and tall height, uses both feet and has excellent speed. However, he was evaluated as having poor soccer intelligence.

However, Kirashi is in full bloom this season. He has already scored 13 goals in seven league games and scored five consecutive goals. He has already surpassed his Bundesliga scoring record (11 goals) last season. Stuttgart, who barely escaped relegation to 16th place last season due to Girassi’s scoring streak, is in second place this season with 6 wins and 1 loss.

There is a striker who is in the spotlight with Kirashi. It is Leverkusen striker Boniface.Boniface is a rising divinity. He made his professional debut for FK Bodø/Glimt and played for Royal Winion Saint-Zilouaz last season. Boniface showed his potential by scoring 17 goals and 12 assists in all competitions. Leverkusen recruited it for 16 million euros (about 22.5 billion won).

He is performing very well on the first Bundesliga stage. He has scored seven goals in seven games, leading Leverkusen’s rise. Leverkusen leads the league with six wins and one draw (19 points) at the beginning of the season. He also scored against Bayern Munich, which is competing for the championship. At that time, Boniface shook the net by shooting after enduring to the end in the competition with Kim Min-jae.

Bundesliga freshman Kane is also leading the team’s attack with eight goals in seven games, but he fell behind them in ratings. The media gave Girash 8.8 points, the highest rating among 11 players, and Boniface was listed with 8.26. 토토사이트

Kim Min-jae was proudly included in the Best Eleven. Kim Min-jae, who entered the Allianz Arena this summer, was reborn as a key member of the Munich defensive line as soon as he transferred. In particular, as Matthijs de Licht failed to play many games due to injury, Kim Min-jae’s burden increased, but he continues to remain solid.

In addition, Chris Fürich (Stuttgart), Jonas Hoffman, Ezekiel Palacios (Leverkusen) and Leroy Sane (Bayern Munich) formed the midfield, while the defensive line was paired with Alejandro Grimaldo (Leverkusen), Mohamed Simakan (Leipchich) and Pascal Stenzel (Stuttgart). The goalkeeper included Oliver Bauman (Hofenheim).

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