The Hishalee song without SON is really hopeless…Tottenham won, but it’s a month away

Although Tottenham won the match, its problems were clearly revealed. Tottenham Hotspur felt the vacancy of its captain and striker Son Heung-min. Tottenham won 1-0 in the third round (round of 64) of the 2023-2024 FA Cup held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on Tuesday (Korea time). If it were not for the thunderous mid-range shot by defender Pedro Porro, who burst into the 78th minute, the match would not have been possible.

It was Tottenham’s first match since Son left to participate in the Asian Cup. Son’s departure was already a bad news that had been scheduled. Many British media have warned since late last year that Tottenham should prepare. Hishalisson gave hope by scoring five goals in the previous five matches. However, he only exposed his dull toes in the match, in which he took the helm alone without Son.

Tottenham manager Enzi Postecoglou, as expected, operated a three-top that placed Dejan Klusevski and Brennan Johnson on the left and right wings with Hishalisson in the middle. Rodrigo Bentancur, Giovanni Locelso and Oliver Skipp were in charge of the midfield. Pedro Porro and Destiny Udogi were at left and right fullbacks, while Emerson Royal and Ben Davies were at center back. Guglielmo Vicario kept the goal.

Johnson had several sharp shots, but his scoring ability was not good enough. Kluzewski was close to a midfielder, not a striker. Hishalisson received 6.5 points, the lowest score in his team based on the statistics website “Fotmob.” 파친코

Hishalisson missed two crucial chances in the first half alone. Both were in similar situations. He received a penetration pass from the back and had a chance to confront the goalkeeper. Both times, he was caught in the weak left foot. He attempted to shoot in a difficult position to score.

The first touch and instantaneous speed were all matters. He only had good penetration. Touching started from the outer left side of the penalty box. Had he narrowed down to the right and received the ball, he could have immediately shot with his right foot, but he hit the ball in a straight line, resulting in no angle. Moreover, his speed was also dead, and defenders followed him closely from behind. Hishalisson lost in all four ball competitions, displaying strong distrust as a one-top player.

Backup striker Brian Hill was put in in the 58th minute. He worked diligently by touching the ball several times, but there was no scene that led to a real opportunity. Johnson’s brilliant volley was blocked by Super Save in the 65th minute of the second half. The opposing goalkeeper Aryanette Muric saved well, but if he kicked it perfectly in the first place, he could have scored enough.

Tottenham launched a quick counterattack in the 78th minute. Klusevski completely tore down the right side. A low and fast cross seemed to be delivered to Hishalisson, but it did not connect with the shot as it brushed its head slightly. The goalkeeper caught the ball in a crowded situation at the gate.

Murich immediately threw the ball in an unmaintained gap to counterattack. The prisoner quickly intercepted it. The prisoner narrowed the angle from the outer right side of the penalty box and found a place to pass. When the connection was not possible, the prisoner himself came forward as a troubleshooter. He fired a non-rotating mid-range shot like a cannonball. The ball that had risen high fell sharply and hit the top left of the Burnley goal. Murich froze completely.

Coach Postecoglou sent in a large number of promising players in the 83rd minute. He brought in Hishalisson, Johnson and Bentancur. Dane Scarlett, Jamie Donley and Ryan Sessegnon went in to keep the win. Sessegnon returned after about a year.

Additional time was given seven minutes. With Burnley at a corner kick in the 93rd minute, Burnley moved up to the forefront to reach the finish line. However, Burnley failed to display sharp attacks, as he clearly exposed his physical limitations.

Burnley lost the opportunity that finally came just before the end of the game. In the open chance, the shot hit Hoibierre’s foot and was cornered out. Murich also joined the corner kick. Murich won the air ball and connected it to the front of the goal, but Zekki Amdouni kicked it over the net and hit the ground. The game ended as it was.

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