The Hungarian Tennis Player Apologizes

Toss lost 0-2 (3-61-6) to Katerina Kozlova (100th, Ukraine) in the second round of the singles finals on the fourth day of the WTA Tour Hungarian Grand Prix (total prize money of 225,480 euros) in Budapest, Hungary on the 20th. Toss is a player who withdrew from the first round on the 18th against Zhang Shui (45th, China).

However, during the first set match, controversy arose over whether Zhang Shui would take a forehand shot out, and the ball erased the mark on the bottom of the court with his foot, which was embroiled in a “sportsmanship controversy.

Jang Shui, who was protesting without accepting the decision, shouted, “Don’t erase the mark of the ball” when he saw Toss’s behavior, but Toss eventually erased the mark of the ball with his foot.

In the end, Zhang Shui withdrew during the first set of games, and Toss had to endure the evaluation that he was a player who caused his opponent to abstain due to his unsgentlemanly behavior.

Top players such as Ones Javert, Maria Sakari, and Darya Kasatkina all criticized Toss’s actions and comforted Zhang Shui. 바카라

Toss apologized in a video posted on the tournament’s social media after being eliminated in the second round, saying, “I didn’t know the result of the game would have such a big aftermath,” adding, “I’m sorry about what happened, and I respect Zhang Shui as a player and a person.”

“I didn’t mean to upset anyone,” he said. “I shouldn’t have celebrated my victory in that way, but I was wrong about that, too.”

Toss responded to Zhang Shui’s request for a handshake, abstaining, and then raised his arms to express his joy at the victory, which further raised the antipathy of his fellow players and fans.

“I couldn’t control my emotions because I was so focused on the game situation,” he said. “I didn’t want to win like that either.”

He also said, “If I have a chance, I want to meet with Zhang Shui and apologize.”

Kozlova, who beat Toss in the second round, also said in an interview on the court, “I hope Jang Shui will calm down and come back to the court soon,” adding, “Jang Shui is a good player and a great person to be respected.”

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