The IGT confirmed that Mystery of the Lamp game in the PeakCurve49 cabinet is now available on the coast across the United States within more than a dozen casinos.

International Game Technology (IGT), a global game company that provides software and technology for the regulated gambling industry, announced that its new multi-level progressive game, Mystery of the Lamp, can now bring exciting experiences to customers within more than a dozen casinos across the United States. 파칭코사이트인포

The new game in the PeakCurve49 cabinet is now available from coast to coast, according to a statement released by IGT. As it is expected to be deployed in new gambling houses in the coming weeks and months, the company plans to further expand its plans to further expand the scope of the game.

The new mystery of lamp MLP game is using IGT’s latest hardware, the peak curve 49 cabinet. As part of the company’s “Award-winning family of peak hardware,” the new cabinet uses a 49-inch progressively curved Ultra HD display with a 27-inch topper. The cabinet also has a 13.3-inch dynamic player panel that provides a double-bash button. The cabinet provides an attractive and thrilling experience with high-quality sound effects and LED signage.

IGT’s new game, The Mystery of the Lamp, brings two basic games: Treasure Oasis and the Magic Palace. To make it more attractive to players, the game has five jackpot levels. During the base game, players must collect genie lamps to help summon genie, and start one of the three bonus events.

IGT’s extensive performance testing program has helped identify the mysterious potential of lamps. The game developer explained that during this test stage, the title performed exceptionally well and at the same time utilized a new peak curve 49 cabinet. Given the attractive features of the game and the innovative design of the new cabinet, players across the United States are taking a thrilling adventure.

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