The Imagine if this would reveal partnerships with three brands

The leading name in the luxury lifestyle industry, is excited to announce an exciting new brand partnership with famous jewelry and watch labels Nine West, Vince Camuto and Jones Jewelry. This breakthrough collaboration allows Imagine Dys to showcase this prestigious luxury jewelry brand only to respected casino customers. The brands Nine West, Vince Camuto and Jones Jewelry are typical of timeless elegance and luxury combined with the world of fashion accessories.

Jones Jewelry: timeless versatility for the modern world
Jones Jewelry is a brand specifically designed for modern and sophisticated individuals. Focusing on timeless versatility, Jones Jewelry offers a unique collection of classic designs and stylish, modern touches. The brand is designed to satisfy both male and female tastes, making it a perfect choice for those seeking timeless elegance without compromising on style.

Vince Camuto: Luxurious design with luxurious details
Established as a true luxury brand, Vince Camuto prides itself on its impeccable design and sophisticated details. Known for its extraordinary craftsmanship, the Vince Camuto collection boasts unrivaled beauty and timeless charm. Each gem is carefully crafted to give off grandeur and refinement, an essential addition to an individual’s special collection. 슬롯머신

Nine West: Defining a timeless, feminine style
Nine West captivates fashion enthusiasts around the world with its ability to wear key trends and transform them into achievable collections of shoes, clothing and accessories, synonymous with timeless feminine styles. Added to the Imagine lineup, Imagine allows casino customers to explore a world of elegance and charm that only Nine West can offer.

“The partnership with this new high-end label is an important milestone for Imagine Diss, which is committed to continuously strengthening its services for its respected casino customers,” said Parker Papachio, marketing director at Imagine Diss. “The addition of Jones Jewelry, Vince Camuto and Nine West to our repertoire demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best high-end brands to a strong casino customer population across North America and Canada.”

This particular collaboration between ImagineDiss and these brands is set to open a new era of high-value products that elevate casino continuity programs in the gaming industry, offering the richness and appeal of bringing players back. Casino customers can expect to experience the significant impact of the incremental revenue that these three luxury jewelry brands will bring.

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