The Legend Bay Casino celebrated its first anniversary with a band battle showdown

Built in Northern Nevada for the first time in 20 years, the new casino celebrated its founding anniversary with a two-day Battle of the Bands music showdown from August 25-26, 2023. Twelve local and regional bands from different genres, including Classic Rock, Country and Top 40, participated to enjoy free music every night, and hundreds of people voted for their favorite bands via QR codes on their mobile devices. I voted on Saturday night. The winner of the competition category is $45 each, and the winner is $1 ($1, winner, winner, winner, prize money is 45, favorite, winner.

The festival continued indoors after the music showdown every night, with the official after-party of the bands New Wave Crave and Emeny City on the centre stage of the sports book bar. Guests enjoyed a high-energy atmosphere, indulged in drink specials, and one guest rode a colorful guitar sponsored by Titos. Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo and Mayor Ed Lawson welcomed prominent guests, including Goret Garrett, who celebrated as Olympia’s president and chief executive officer on the final night of the tournament. 온라인카지노

To celebrate the monumental event, Legends Bay Casino offered club cards for its one-year anniversary LB Rewards player and completed a $60,000 birthday briefcase promotion that took place every Friday and Saturday throughout the month. Players earned a spot during the slot, video poker, and table games, earning a cash share during the 8 p.m. draw. As soon as you open your lucky briefcase, you’ll be guaranteed a total of $250 in cash, $500 in prize money, $240 and $1,500.

Changing the front of the casino and stretching through the north parking lot into a vibrant party area, the celebration delighted attendees with delicious local food truck fares and a variety of bars, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone.

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