‘The Licht-Upamecano can’t be trusted’… Kim Min-jae’s new partner at the center back of the German national university

Spanish media ‘Pichahese’ reported on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time) that “Bayern Munich, which is constantly striving to strengthen its defense, is paying attention to Malik Thiau (22, AC Milan).”

Munich has not displayed satisfactory performance this season. Having played 15 matches in the Bundesliga, the team has 12 wins, two draws and one loss, and is ranking second by giving up the lead to Leverkusen.

Thin center back players have emerged as Munich’s weakness. It was pointed out that the reason for this summer’s transfer market was the failure to establish a stable rotation due to the sudden departure of Bangjamain Pavar.

The burden was borne entirely by the remaining center backs. Kim Min-jae played full-time for 15 consecutive games without a break, while Matthijs the Licht and Dayo Upamecano were injured alternately.

Chances are high that he will recruit a new center back in January next year. According to the latest report, Tuchel, who is unsure about the performance of The Licht and Upamecano, wants to recruit a new center back.

Tiau has been listed as a potential recruit. “Munich considers Malik an ideal option to strengthen its rear defense,” Picahes said. 사설 토토사이트

Tiau is considered one of the next generation of iron fences. He is evaluated as a center back with overwhelming ability to provide players with outstanding physical conditions and high intelligence in soccer.

He was even called to play for the German national soccer team. Having made his A-match debut in June, Thiau has consistently made the roster of the German national team, heralding a bright future.

Chances are not high that he will join Munich in January next year. Milan is not willing to allow a transfer during the season. Munich is also expected to start recruiting players in earnest from next summer.

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