“The main culprit who ruined X-mas, can’t you put that in?”…Sterling who lost the opportunity for ‘3 to 1’ → Chelsea Fan ‘Big Explosion’

Chelsea lost 1-2 in an away match against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the 18th round of the 2023/24 Premier League at Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton on the 24th (Korea time). Chelsea, who lost one goal each in the second half, followed with Christopher Nkunku’s debut goal, but eventually fell to its knees. Wolverhampton, who added three points, was ranked 11th, up three places with six wins, four draws and eight losses, and 22 points, but Chelsea, who are tied for the points, maintained 10th place.

In general, the game was led by Chelsea. Chelsea dominated the game with a 7-3 market share, but it collapsed by itself as it blew away the chance to score. The first goal was up to Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton scored the first goal at the sixth minute of the second half. With a corner kick at the sixth minute of the first half, Lemina used a perfect header to cut into the corner of the goal. Sarabia’s left corner kick went over the head of Chelsea’s defense, and Lemina turned around without much effort by just touching her head. It was a score that even the Petrovic goalie could not react to.

Chelsea started hunting for an equalizer, but Wolverhampton scored an additional goal and ran away. Matt Doherty, who was substituted in extra time in the second half, was the main character. He cut off Chelsea’s attack and launched a counterattack, and Doherty lightly pushed a pass from Hugo Bueno past the defense to make it 2-0. Chelsea scored with Nkunku’s header, which was deflected off Sterling’s cross in the 6th minute of extra time, but they lacked time to catch up. They suffered a bitter defeat as they dominated the game but failed to capitalize on their chances.

It wasn’t that Chelsea didn’t have a chance to lead. It was particularly regrettable that Sterling missed the perfect chance in the 32nd minute of the first half. Chelsea intercepted the pass of goalkeeper Jose Corporation of Wolverhampton and launched a counterattack. Sterling quickly rushed in, stole the ball and broke through to take a one-on-one opportunity. There was only one goalkeeper in Wolverhampton’s defense as it completely collapsed, and Nicola Jackson and Cole Palmer jumped in at the same time and were 3-1.

If he had passed it to a teammate who was in an empty space, he could have made a perfect score, but Sterling chose to shoot. It was pushed with his right foot, but goalkeeper Jose made a perfect save. Gallagher caught the ball that flowed and hit a mid-range shot, but goalkeeper Sa caught it again this time. It was a regrettable moment for Sterling’s judgment.

Local media criticized Sterling for wasting a critical chance. “Chelsea’s miserable 2023 continued with a miserable finish. Sterling shook in front of goal. Mauricio Pochettino said in horror as he watched the strikers show weak performance in the final third,” the global sports media outlet said.

“Sterling missed a glorious opportunity that should have taken advantage of his teammate. Not only that, but he also had a good chance to score the equalizer in the second half, but he ended up losing to the opponent’s defense,” he said, pointing out that Sterling’s judgment was regrettable. Talk Sports in the U.K. said, “Chelsea fans paid dearly for Sterling’s loss of a perfect 3-1 chance. I joked that he ruined Christmas because of Sterling.” 토토사이트 순위

According to the media, Chelsea fans responded by saying, “Sterling ruined Christmas,” “I heard Christmas was a day of sharing, but it passed by,” “Sterling’s miss, Merry Christmas in a 3-1 situation,” and “Sterling does not deserve a Christmas gift.” The British Daily Mail also criticized Sterling for making unfathomable judgments about his failure to pass Jackson, saying, “Because of Sterling, Chelsea missed a golden opportunity to get ahead. It was a poor judgment.” Sky Sports posted a video of Sterling losing his chance with an emoji screaming, “How could he not score here?”

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