The NFL May sue Delaware for sports betting

“The National Football Federation, which could be a precursor to a lawsuit against Delaware Governor Jack Markel regarding sports betting, has filed a legal brief with the state Supreme Court on the move.

“In filings filed by the Wilmington law firm, the league argues that technology plays an ‘unacceptable’ role in sports betting, disqualifying games such as lotteries, which are largely determined by chance.

“If the high court rules that the sports betting envisioned by Markel and the legislature is more technical than coincidence, the proposal may not pass the constitutional mandate. 온라인경마

“America’s most famous sports league has long opposed sports betting as a threat to the ‘integrity’ of the game,” a repeat of the newspaper’s announcement on Tuesday.

“…the NFL’s 21-page document was presented to the Supreme Court along with two others who asked outside lawyers for the proposal by Chief Justice Myron T. Steele, arguing in favor of and against the proposal. The justices will hear oral arguments on the matter on May 21 as they weigh whether the new bill has passed constitutional demands. Markel said he plans to sign the bill this week.

“… The Delaware Constitution prohibits all forms of gambling except for state-controlled lotteries with the aim of raising money. Slot machines in casinos are considered video lotteries…”

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