“The one who’s good next to the one who’s good.” The miracle of Hwang Sun-woo, the monster, shot at Han Soo-young

South Korea’s swimming is writing a new record of gold every day at the Hangzhou Asian Games site.

The management event, which began on the 24th, peaked on the 27th, the fourth day of its kind, with Hwang Sun-woo, the “World Class Ace,” winning the 200m freestyle event with a Korean record of 1:44:40 and a new competition record. He won three gold medals, two silver medals, eight bronze medals, and 13 medals.

In the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games, Kim Seo-young won 200m gold and 400m silver medals, as well as 1 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze medals. “Marine Boy” Park Tae-hwan won four gold medals, three silver medals and six bronze medals, including Choi Jeon-sung-ki, who won three gold medals, and Jeong Da-rae’s 200-meter breaststroke gold medal at the 2010 Guangzhou Games. The record for the most medals ever set at the 2006 Doha Games (3 gold medals, 2 silver medals, 11 bronze medals), when 17-year-old Park Tae-hwan was selected as three gold medals and MVP, is also in a brilliant mood.

What is more important than the number of medals is the purity of the medal. Ji Yoo-chan won a surprise gold medal with a new competition record of 21.72 seconds in the 50m freestyle, and won the first gold medal in Korean swimming in the men’s 800m relay, featuring Hwang Sun-woo, Kim Woo-min, Lee Ho-joon and Yang Jae-hoon. South Korea, which finished sixth in a row at the World Swimming Championships, overwhelmed China and Japan, the “powerhouses of tradition,” with 7:01.73 seconds, a new Korean record, and a new competition record. He was ahead of the bronze medal (Australia, 7:02.13) at the Fukuoka World Championships.

In the men’s 400-meter medley relay, backstroke Lee Ju-ho, Pyeongyoung Choi Dong-yeol, butterfly Kim Young-beom, and freestyle Hwang Sun-woo beat difficult foes Japan to win a silver medal with a new Korean record (3:32.05). 토토사이트

In the 1,500-meter freestyle, Kim Woo-min became the first medalist (silver medal) in this event in 13 years since Park Tae-hwan in 2010. Hwang Sun-woo won the bronze medal in the 100m freestyle on the first day of the competition, and “Korea Captain” Kim Seo-young won the bronze medal in the 200m individual medley to reach the podium for the second consecutive time. Lee Eun-ji, a 17-year-old backstroke genius, won consecutive bronze medals in the 100m and 200m backstroke. Earnest ace Lee Ju-ho won the bronze medal in the 100m backstroke for two consecutive events, while breaststroke ace Choi Dong-yeol also won the bronze medal in the 100m backstroke. In the 200m freestyle, Lee Ho-joon made history of two South Korean athletes climbing to the podium together in a single event, alongside gold medalist Hwang Sun-woo, along with a bronze medal. It is the first time in 21 years since the men’s 1,500-meter freestyle competition in Busan in 2002 (second place Cho Sung-mo and third place Han Kyu-chul). And in the mixed medley relay event, South Korea’s proud Avengers Lee Eun-ji (Backstroke), Choi Dong-yeol (Pyeongyoung), Kim Seo-young (Zipyeong), and Hwang Sun-woo (Freestyle) won the bronze medal along with the Korean new record (3:46:78).

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