The Pragmatic Play Launches Dice Game ‘Boom City’

The dice game “Boom City” is a new live casino offered by online game content provider Pragmutism Play. Players can bet on 36 squares within Boom City’s 6×6 grid and win prizes through two dice rolls. This includes the grant of one of the three bonus games or immediate cash prizes. The latter is displayed on the game grid, with a “dong” prize of 1x multiplier, a “silver” of 2x prize money, and a “gold” grid of 5x victory. Players experience immediate loss when landing on a grid with a ‘shock’ symbol.

Boom City also has a “power up” feature that allows higher wins for players whose squares are multiplied randomly. The dice game also includes features that increase the number of wins offered or help the player progress to an additional level. Players have access to two special games when they land in Dice Battle Square or Lucky Drop Square.

Upon landing in the dice battle square, the player can choose from two “fight” dice, and each side can have three rolls to get as high a number as possible. The winning side will be given the total amount of wins and the accumulated amount of lost dice. The Lucky Drop Bonus Round offers six dice, and the player selects one of the six columns filled with increasing multipliers for each successive roll associated with the selected number. 안전놀이터 추천

In a prepared statement included in the rollout announcement of the dice game, Boom City said, “Give players decision-making opportunities to further participate and a maximum victory of 20,000x, all in a custom set that creates a unique, fun, and easily consumed experience.”

In addition to offering a portfolio of live casinos and bingo games, Pragmatic Play said it is currently producing “up to six new slot titles” a month. They are all available through a single application programming interface, the company said in its announcement.

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