The strongest baseball that received the grand prize, “I didn’t even know why I was going to first base with four balls.”

Ilguhoe, a professional baseball OB group, held the 2023 Nutrition Day Ilgu Award Ceremony at the Rivera Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 8th.

The strongest baseball “The Greatest Monsters,” led by retired professional baseball players, has made many viewers into baseball fans since its first broadcast in June last year.

The club decided on the background of the selection, saying, “The strongest baseball informed many people of the fun of baseball and aroused interest in baseball.”

“The production team, which didn’t know why they would go to first base if they get four balls, now knows squeeze bunt and run-and-hit operation. I’m grateful to everyone who had a hard time because of their mission to tell baseball viewers,” said Jang Si-won, the producer of the strongest baseball.

“When I first took charge of the team, I was worried about what I would do, but I’m grateful that I got this award. I’ve come all the way here thanks to your support,” said Kim Sung-keun, manager of the strongest baseball team.

Noh Si-hwan (Hanwha Eagles) won the best batter award to the batter who performed the best this year, and Lim Chan-kyu (LG Twins), who won the most wins (14 wins) among domestic players, won the best pitcher award.

Noh Si-hwan won home runs (31) and RBI (101) titles, ranking at the top in all offensive categories except for stolen bases. 안전놀이터

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, he helped win the gold medal by taking the heavy responsibility of the fourth batter, and he also hit hard at the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) to establish himself as a representative of Korea.

Lim Chan-kyu ranked third (14 wins) in multiple wins and second in winning percentage (0.824) with an ERA of 3.42, helping the team win the first integrated championship in 29 years.

The main character of the Rookie of the Year award went to Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha Eagles), and the Willing Effort Award went to Ryu Jin-wook (NC Dinos).

Moon Dong-ju had eight wins, eight losses and a 3.72 ERA in the regular season, and he became the leading player in the gold medal with his good pitching in the final of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Ryu Jin-wook joined the team in 2015 and took 22 holds this season by working hard to make a comeback despite the difficulty of only undergoing elbow surgery twice.

LG coach Lee Ho-joon received the professional leader award, and Park Soo-soo (Seongnam Daewon Middle School) received the leader award.

Coach Lee led the LG batting line-up to the best in the league through active communication with the player, and coach Park Soo-soo has coached the youth for 29 years this year, raising numerous players, including Kim Ha-sung.

The front prize was awarded to the LG marketing team, and the referee was awarded to Kim Sung-chul.

Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres), the first Asian infielder to win the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) Gold Glove (utility category), was selected as the winner of the Special Achievement Award.

However, he did not attend the award ceremony because he sued his junior baseball player for blackmail and intimidation on the 7th, just before the award ceremony.

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