The world’s best club in 2023 is Manchester City! Beat Fluminensee to win first title and win 5 gold medals…Europe tops for 11th consecutive time

Manchester City won the 2023 FIBA Club World Cup final against Fluminensee 4-0 at King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on the 23rd (Korea time). At the Club World Cup, Manchester City won the title with no goals conceded. After defeating the Urawa Reds in the semifinal, the team silenced the city of Fluminensee in the final. As a result, the team won five championships (Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League, Super Cup, and Club World Cup) in 2023 alone.

Since 2013, European clubs have won the Club World Cup for 11 consecutive times, including Manchester City. Manchester City has become the fourth Premier League club to win the Club World Cup, following Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool. In addition, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has the largest number of titles (four times), beating Real Madrid coach Carlos Ancelotti.

Starting with goalkeeper Ederson, Manchester City started Walker-Stones-Dias-Ake-Rodri-Lewis-Bernardu-Foden-Grealish-Alvarez. Starting with goalkeeper Fabio, Fluminensei started Xavier-Marcelu-Melu-Nino-Andre-Martinelli-Gansu-Keno-Arias-Kano.

Manchester City announced the goal at the start of the game. He scored less than a minute into the first half. Ake’s mid-range shot hit the post. And Alvarez, who ran to the gate, scored the first goal by pushing it into his chest.

Manchester City’s quick first goal greatly reduced the burden of the final. Fluminensee was embarrassed by the strong forward pressure. Except for Marcelo, he could not properly de-pressurize. Of course, Fluminensee’s counterattack was also sharp. In the 16th minute of the first half, Cano played to induce a penalty, but it was canceled due to an offside decision.

Manchester City scored an additional goal in the 27th minute. Foden’s cross hit Nino and went into the net. Following the first goal, the team was lucky enough to score an additional goal and ran away 2-0. 스포츠토토

Manchester City and Fluminensee exchanged chances to score once at the end of the first half. Arias connected Marcelo’s corner kick with a header in the 40th minute of the first half, but Ederson blew himself to block it. Two minutes later, Grealish’s mid-range shot was blocked by Fabio. The first half ended with Manchester City’s 2-0 lead. Manchester City had no intention of playing on the defensive. Rather, they pushed Fluminensee and sought an additional goal.

Foden attempted to shoot after linking a pass with Grealish in the 47th minute of the second half. Bernardu headed the ball that was blocked by Fabio. However, Fabio blocked it again. In the 52nd minute of the second half, Foden penetrated into the door and hit a shot in a free kick situation, but Fabio saved again.

There was a dizzying moment. Rodri collapsed at Alexander’s deep tackle in the 68th minute of the second half. However, Manchester City took the crisis as an opportunity. A quick pass connection ensued with the ensuing free-kick and Foden finished Alvarez’s pass, making the score 3-0. Rodri collapsed again and was replaced by Akanji.

Manchester City easily overcame Fluminensee’s pursuit and ultimately added momentum to the victory. Kennedy’s dribble in the 79th minute of the second half was a threat, but he failed to break through Ederson. Alvarez scored multiple goals with a brilliant shot in the 88th minute of the second half when Nunes’ pass made it 4-0. In the end, Manchester City beat Fluminensee to win its first Club World Cup title. Meanwhile, in the previous third-place match, Al Ahli beat Urawa 4-2 to rank third.

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