“There are expectations for Korea. I was more responsible.”

“There are expectations for South Korea. I was more responsible.”

There is another Taegeuk warrior who represented Korea at the recently concluded Qatar Asian Cup. Park Sung-gyun is the head of the Korean Professional Football Association. He served as the “only” match commissioner in East Asia for the tournament.

“The match commissioner is called a ‘match commissioner,'” Park explains. “A match commissioner is required for a match to be recognized as official. They write a report after the game, which becomes the official report of the tournament. Currently, there are about 120 match commissioners in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Only five were selected for the Asian Cup. There were five match officials from East Asia, West Asia (United Arab Emirates), 바카라사이트 Central Asia (Tajikistan), ASEAN (Myanmar), and Southwest Asia (Bhutan),” said Park.

Park, who joined the KFA in 2000, has been a match commissioner since 2014.

“To become a match supervisor, you need to have experience managing international competitions in your country. This includes the Asian Champions League (ACL) as well as the A-Match. Every year, the AFC invites nominations from national associations. The competition is usually more than 10 to 1. After three days of training, they”ll be tested on English, regulations, report writing, and more. Once appointed, they”ll have to renew their license every two years. It’s a ‘survival game’ where the bottom 10% are rejected,” he says.

“The job of a steward is extensive. “Two days before the game, they inspect the stadium and, in some cases, the clubhouse. I also have to know how the official press conference went, the refereeing decisions, etc. and write a report within two hours of the end of the game. However, for international competitions, the work is subdivided between the TSG (Technical Study Group), the General Coordinator, and others.”

For Park, a veteran, the competition was special.

“I was approached to be a competition supervisor for the 2019 event in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, I was forced to decline due to my schedule. This time, I was approached again. Thanks to the KFA’s consideration, I was able to go to the Asian Cup. The Asian Cup is the highest level of competition that a match commissioner from a continental confederation can experience. It was a great honor for me personally,” he said. “We played 11 matches in the tournament. The opening match between Qatar and Lebanon was the most memorable. I felt recognized for playing the opening match. Of course, the final match is also an honor, but if Korea goes to the final, I can’t be the Korean match supervisor. It was impressive to be in charge of the opening match when we didn’t know what would happen. This tournament showed Korea’s ability to work internationally. 안전 토토사이트 I think the networking I made during the tournament will help me in my professional work. There are expectations for Korea within the AFC. I will take more responsibility and work hard.”

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