They sat down and lost $700 after about 45 minutes, playing a maximum coin of 400 pennies ($4) per spin, which is what it takes to win a Progressive jackpot.

“That’s when I got up and was ready to leave, but Mikel said he had a ‘good feeling’ and insisted we stay longer,” Judy continued. “We were taking turns pressing the button. I pressed the ‘rel stop’ button, which immediately displayed the screen without having to wait for the reel to stop one by one while rotating.”

All Judy remembers about the moment is the image of Mikel jumping up and down. She was oblivious to the fact that she had just made almost $450,000.

“I’ve seen that I’ve hit all the horoscope wheels, but I haven’t looked at the screen to see what I’ve won,” Judy said. “The machine was lighting up and I thought I’ve probably hit a couple of thousand.

“I was watching Mikel try to figure out why he was going crazy. Mikel shouted, ‘We just hit the big one, baby.’ I couldn’t believe my eyes. The most I’ve ever won before was $1,600.

“Michael is the best player. He wanted to bet on the Max. I don’t usually bet on the Max, because I can’t see you spending money like that. But he says if you don’t invest, you won’t hit a really big one. If we hadn’t hit it and bet on the Max, I don’t know what it would have paid for but I’d probably be in big trouble.” 사설 토토사이트

Fourfind officials invited them to dinner at a steakhouse, but they were too excited to eat. However, they entered the casino with the offer of spending the weekend in one of the hotel’s luxurious celebrity suites.

Casino News: The Four Winds Casino Resort is owned by Potawatomi Indians’ Pokagon Band, which is part of a 16-state Native American progressive gaming network along with 300 other tribal casinos across the country. This allows Four Winds to offer wide-area progressive slot jackpots, unlike other state-regulated casino properties in the area.

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