Tottenham’s GK ‘Generation Change’ proceeds, ‘National team No. 1 GK+ has already played in 21 A matches.’

Lloris was Tottenham’s leading goalkeeper, but he came down from his prime and made frequent mistakes, disappointing him. When Enze Postecoglou took over this season, Lloris was completely turned away. He was expected to leave Tottenham in the transfer market last summer, but he stayed, and he is likely to move in the upcoming winter transfer market.

Currently, Tottenham’s flagship goalkeeper is 27-year-old Guglielmo Vicario. Vicario, who has entered his prime, has been playing well. He is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the EPL this season.

It is clear that Vicario’s position in Tottenham will not diminish. Still, Tottenham is seeking to recruit a backup goalkeeper. If Lloris leaves, one goalkeeper is essential. With Vicario as the main player, Tottenham is keeping an eye on a young Shin Seong goalkeeper who can look forward to the future. The main character is 21-year-old Gavin Bazunu. 바카라

Bajunu currently plays for Southampton in the second division. He moved to Manchester City in 2019, but he couldn’t adjust. After moving around on loan, he moved to Southampton in 2022. He didn’t play a single game for Manchester City. However, he jumped to the starting lineup at Southampton.

Although Southampton were relegated to the secondary league last season, Bajunu has solidified his footing by playing 32 matches in the primary league. He is also playing in 17 matches this season. Despite his young age, Bajunu has already played 21 A matches. Bajunu is a member of the Irish national team.

England’s Sports Mall reported, “Tottenham is keeping an eye on Southampton goalkeeper Bajunu. Lloris could be offered to terminate his contract, and Tottenham is seeking a long-term replacement. Tottenham scouts have been watching Bajunu’s game in recent months.”

“Bazunu did not play for Manchester City, but he is firmly established in Southampton. And he is the number one goalkeeper for the Irish national team. He has played 21 A matches,” he said.

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