Trocadero Casino Plan

Trocadero, the London entertainment center, reports that it is at the center of discussions that could transform it into the home of Britain’s largest casino.

Burford, a real estate developer who owns the Piccadilly Circus landmark, is said to be in talks with London Clubs International about the proposal.

LCI is in charge of Trocadero’s existing casino, the Golden Nugget, whose lease is set to be renewed.

The two parties are interested in dramatically expanding Golden Nuggets to between 65,000 and 70,000 square feet, according to The Independent on Sunday.

This will be significantly larger than Birmingham’s Star City, which currently has a 21,000-square-foot gaming arena. 온라인경마

The paper quotes sources close to the deal as saying neither side is ready to submit their applications to Westminster Parliament.

It is reported that they are eager to leave the site as it is believed that they can secure space by expanding to the area currently occupied by UGC Cinema.

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