Tuchel took out his second replacement card at 20 minutes into the second half.

In the 15th minute, Manchester United received another yellow card. Amrabat committed an undue foul while blocking Munich’s attack, and the referee immediately took out a yellow card for Amrabat. Kimmich then took Kane’s pass near the center of the box and attempted a mid-range shot. It was similar to a comeback goal against Frankfurt. However, the shot went beyond the net.

Tuchel had said before the match that he would not let Musiala play full time. That is why he deployed Thomas Muller instead of Musiala to change the team’s offense. The first goal of the game was finally scored in the 26th minute. The first goal was scored by Coman. Coman attempted a linked play with Müller, then Goretzka passed it to Kane. Kane did not miss the opportunity and tried a clean through pass, and Coman successfully penetrated the back space. In an instant, Coman faced a one-on-one chance, and he cut Manchester United’s net with a calm shot to avoid Onana. While Evans bounced forward for the defense, Coman perfectly succeeded in penetrating the back space. Manchester United needed the first goal, but it became urgent as it allowed Munich to lose a point.

Immediately, Manchester United faced a decisive chance. Manchester United’s back pass turned to Onana, who showed off her amazing kicking ability and handed Dalot a long pass. Dalot immediately faced a one-on-one chance, but showed a regrettable ball touch. The ball fell through as he was held in Neuer’s arms. Coach Ten Hag became urgent and made a change in his attack by sending in Hannibal Mebri and Facundo Felistri instead of Garnacho and Antony. Manchester United had to score an equalizer in a short time. While Manchester United became urgent, Munich spent time spinning the ball leisurely. Munich also made a change to the offense. Instead of Coman, who scored the first goal, Matisse Tell was put in. 메이저 토토사이트

Coach Ten Hag said, “We have a match-winner. At the 34th minute, he deployed midfielder Kobe Mainu instead of Baran, aiming for a smoother build-up. Despite defense instability, Manchester United displayed a clear match-winner.

Manchester United continued to launch attacks, but it was full of urgency. The detail of the attack continued to decline with the details falling. Rather, Munich faced a decisive chance. Munich attempted a free kick from the right, and in the process, Goretzka hit the ball out of the way. Kim Min-jae shot the ball once again, but he was blocked by Manchester United’s hand-to-hand defense.

Copenhagen’s exit came in the match between Copenhagen and Galatasaray, which was held at the same time. Galatasaray was in a situation where United could score the equalizer they wanted. However, it became meaningless because United were being dragged by Munich at the same time. Even if Galatasaray scores the equalizer, if United fail to beat Munich, United will be eliminated from the round of 16. Munich took a breath away from the replacement card. In the 45th minute, Tuchel replaced Haafael Guerreiro.

There were five minutes of added time in the second half, and Copenhagen and Galatasaray ended up with a 1-0 victory. In the end, United failed to advance to the round of 16, and they had to score an equalizer in the remaining time to secure a UEFA Europa League ticket to the third place finisher. However, no more goals were scored. In the end, Munich won 1-0.

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