Veteran Tom McEvoy is still living his dream in Las Vegas

In 1978, Tom McEvoy was a 34-year-old accountant, and he and his wife were raising three young children. He worked for the same company for five temperamental years and finally called McEvoy to his office when his boss reached the boiling point. The news was not good. McEvoy was fired.

Ability wasn’t the issue. In fact, McEvoy’s boss told McEvoy he couldn’t ask for a better accountant, but there’s a laundry list of other reasons why he was fired. McEvoy admits he was “not very good at office politics.” He also fully admits that weekly poker games usually start on Friday nights and sometimes run through Sunday, “sometimes they’re not as fresh as they should have been on Monday morning.”

“There were times I forgot to shave,” he remembers with a devilish smile. “And I had to commute 40 miles, so I would be late sometimes. So I guess I wasn’t completely shocked to hear that I had been fired. But looking back, it was the biggest favor anyone has ever done to me.”

McEvoy can say that with certainty, as he made the bold decision to become a professional poker player about a year after receiving the pink slip. Today, Tom McEvoy is one of the best poker players he has ever seen in the game. 온라인경마

This year, he is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his victory in the 1983 World Series of Poker Main Event. And in the midst of preparing for his 28th consecutive main event, the 63-year-old sat down with Casino City to talk about his amazing journey.

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