What happened to Jang Ha-na?

Jang Ha-na prepared for a tee shot in the first round of the Hoban Seoul Newspaper Women’s Classic held at H1 Club in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do on the 22nd. Jang Ha-na, who usually posed while looking at reporters, looked dark. When Jang Ha-na is in the same group as her juniors, she shouts “Let’s play well!” before the shot and shouts “fighting” to her teammates and herself.

However, the ball hit after stretching did not fly in the direction I thought. Jang Ha-na’s expression was filled with regret. He didn’t look happy. He posed for reporters while moving for the second shot, but he was not very bright. 카지노사이트

Jang Ha-na couldn’t find a dedicated caddie at the beginning of the season, so the caddie changed every game. And I was in a bad condition because of the injury. Jang Ha-na, who was psychologically pressured, recently told an aide that she was suffering from a panic disorder. So I lost about 10kg. Jang Ha-na is having a hard time psychologically and physically. That’s why he is showing a sluggish performance in four consecutive competitions.

However, Jang Ha-na firmly talks about her acquaintances’ concerns. He said he would prepare for the second half of the season with enough rest, training, and a mind to start from scratch. Jang Ha-na will compete in the “Jeju Samdasoo Masters,” which will be held in Elysian Jeju from the 4th of next month. I’m looking forward to seeing Jang Ha-na, who has finished recharging, performing properly.

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