“When I went to Daejeon…” Kim Kang-min who couldn’t sleep at night decided in two days. This is why a big player is different

He was forced to leave his team where he had worked for 23 years. He faced harsh conditions at the end of his career, but it didn’t take long for Kim to make a decision. Just two days after the shocking second draft pick, he made a big decision.

Kim Kang-min visited the Hanwha team office located at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 24th. He looked quite haggard as if he couldn’t sleep at night. After meeting Hanwha General Manager Son Hyuk at the meeting, Kim decided to continue his career after having a conversation for about an hour and a half. Hanwha will include Kim Kang-min in its list of pending players to be submitted to the KBO on the 25th. From now on, it is officially “Hanwha Kim Kang-min.”

It was simply unbelievable days for Kim Kang-min. The results of the second draft of the KBO came out after 2:30 p.m. on the 22nd, and Kim Kang-min was the last to receive the Hanwha selection as the 22nd overall pick in the fourth round. SSG did not put Kim Kang-min on the 35-member protection list and did not provide any separate protection. Due to his complacent handling of things, he lost his one-club man for the longest 23 years in the KBO League history in an instant. 안전놀이터

For Kim, he had too little time to decide. He had to announce his retirement by Saturday to complete his career as a member of SSG. He belatedly stepped up efforts to handle the situation at SSG as well. He met Kim Kang-min on Sunday and suggested that he should be given sufficient respect when he decides to retire. He might have had complicated thoughts, but he did not take long. He had a will to extend his mandatory military service from the beginning, and as his nickname “victim,” he did not reject his inner instincts.

Hanwha also sincerely wanted Kim Kang-min. Sohn Hyuk, the team’s general manager, called Kim Kang-min at midnight on Monday. He did not contact Kim on purpose immediately after his nomination. Kim Kang-min, who must have been shocked, gave him time to think and organize his thoughts. As the deadline for the retirement decision approached on Monday, the team had to communicate with each other without delay.

Even though it was late at night, Sohn gradually explained to Kim why he nominated Kim Kang-min, and expressed his intention to go to Incheon and meet him in person. Kim Kang-min, who had something to do in his hometown of Daegu on Monday, decided to stop by Daejeon on his way down. He visited the Hanwha team office in the afternoon and agreed on extending his active duty and including the list of suspended players. “I think I’ve already made up my mind since I came to Daejeon. Otherwise, it would have taken longer to persuade him,” a Hanwha source said. Not only Sohn but also CEO Park Chan-hyuk welcomed and captivated the hearts of Kim Kang-min, who came to the office.

Giving up the 23-year-old “one club man” title in just two days would not have been as easy as it sounds. There was also an option to retire, but Kim decided to launch his 24th season as a new team. For the team that recognized and valued his value, he decided to burn the last flame after much consideration. He is the oldest player in the league who will turn 42 next year, but he has not lost competitiveness as an active player and is confident enough.

Through Hanwha, Kim delivered a short message entitled “Dear fans.” “I was very happy while playing baseball as a one-club man for 23 years. I feel sorry that I am leaving without being beholden to you. I will try to show my strength again in the new team by preserving the unconditional love and precious memories you sent me. Thank you so much.”

Through his fan cafe, Kim also said, “I think I’ll be able to meet you as a player in the 2024 season as well. However, my uniform has changed and my home stadium has changed. I’m sure there will be people who are always rooting for me and giving me strength, but I’m sure there will be people who are disappointed. However, as I promised, I will continue to play hard as a player to the extent that I can reach my potential. Please continue to give me greater support,” in announcing his new start at Hanwha, leaving the friendly SSG.

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