Where can I bet on an esports team?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are relatively new to the gambling world in esports betting. It’s important to figure out which online betting sites have a good reputation and will accept cryptocurrencies.

Sites accessible in most U.S. states:

BetOnline – hosts sports betting, poker, casinos, and esports as platforms that provide an outstanding crypto betting experience.
BetUS – This betting website offers higher-than-industry average odds, has many esports markets, and supports Bitcoin transactions.
Bovada – one of the first U.S. sites to focus on eSports. The sportsbook offers a variety of eSports and crypto options.
Non-U.S. crypto betting sites: 안전 토토사이트

Equity – an industry leader supported by various kinds of esports and various cryptocurrencies.
Thunderpick – a hybrid betting site where you can bet on a variety of esports using legal cash and several cryptocurrencies.
io – This bookmaker is available for deposit and withdrawal in Bitcoin and features the ability to bet on a variety of esports.
Understanding Crypto Betting
Cryptocurrency betting and regular betting are very similar. In the simplest form, certain values apply to the betting, and the reward (or lack of reward) depends on the outcome. If you bet $100 on Team A to win against Team B, the probability state is +120 inferior. If Team A wins, you get back $100 of your original bet, and you have to pay an additional $120 for a total of $220. In this example, “+120” is a North American variant that displays probabilities. Other countries may use different ways of displaying probabilities, but its core is the same.

Cryptocurrency betting is no different, but we will use the valuation of that cryptocurrency instead of the dollar value. Many crypto casinos and esports betting websites will show you the dollar equivalent of a cryptocurrency bet. Others will have to convert the cryptocurrency into dollars before betting. It all depends on the organization’s policies.

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