“Where can I play baseball happily?” Dinosaurs Why the 36-year-old batting king left Lotte…Lee Dae-ho agrees

Son Ah-seop (36), the NC Dinos batting champion, has been honest about why he left his hometown Lotte Giants at the 2021-2022 FA market and signed a four-year, 6.4 billion won contract with the NC Dinos to make a new start. Son Ah-seop said the above on Lee Dae-ho’s YouTube Lee Dae-ho (RE:DAEHO), which was released on the 6th.

Son said, “Lotte is my hometown team. I have never left Busan for 35 years. When I was a student, I even went to a kindergarten in Busan. My parents’ home remains the same. It’s my hometown.” Son jokingly said, “I moved. I was abandoned.”

Son A-seop was in Busan, and Busan was Son A-seop. However, Son said he had no choice but to leave Lotte at the time. “There is no need to lie, and the amount difference was too big. It is not all about the annual salary, but for a professional baseball player, the annual salary is the value of the player.” In other words, Lotte offered a condition that was far below the KRW 6.4 billion mark for four years.

Son continued, “At that time, (Lotte) was trying to go to the rebuilding. The team itself. I thought it would narrow my seat. I aim to play all the games every year. I was happy to play in the game, but if I do something wrong, I felt anxious because the number of games would decrease and I could have a platoon.” 바카라

“I couldn’t help but rule out financially, but what’s bigger is, I wondered where I could play more happily. I thought a lot about it. I had a really high batting average against left-handed pitchers, but I had a few moments when I was out. I wanted to play a lot of games,” he said.

In fact, when Son A-seop moved to NC, Lotte was making a strong rebuilding drive under his predecessor. As a result, Lotte’s change failed to materialize, and Son moved to NC, where he recognized his worth. Son said, “Players shine when they are on the ground. I wanted to play every game. I can’t fully open the atmosphere at the time, but I chose a team that I would play a lot of games for. The team is capable of playing as much as I want.”

Lee Dae-ho, who was listening to Son A-seop, also agreed. At that time, Lee was about a year away from retirement. “Players wonder if the first team I can trust is a team that can continue to release games,” Lee said. Back then, the Lotte atmosphere was like that. He said he would keep raising his kids. If he was A-seop, he should have gone there no matter what.”

Lee Dae-ho said, “I was a Lotte fan and a Lotte player, but it’s not that I didn’t take sides. In terms of value, among the juniors I’ve seen at Lotte, I really worked hard and prepared to participate in all 144 games. If I thought that I would not be able to play at the time of the contract, I think what Aseob thought would have been right.”

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