Which solution did the veteran coach come up with among the Samsung batters and veterans who became hot in the second half?

Samsung is in fifth place with 18 wins, 15 losses, and one draw rate of 0.545 in the second half. Following KIA, the bat, which has become hot enough to reach second place in the team batting average (.297) in the second half, is leading the team’s rise. You can’t leave out the ball of batting coach Yoshii Tachibana. Born in 1958, coach tachibana played for the Seibu Lions, Hanshin Tigers, and Taiwan’s Ranyu Bears. He played in 1,149 games and had a batting average of .295, 51 home runs and 318 RBIs. After retiring from active duty, he served as a coach for the Softbank Hawks, Orix Blue Wave, Seibu, Chiba Lotte Marines, and Rakuten Eagles. KIA coach Lee Bum-ho also served as a batting coach when he played for Softbank.

Having cultivated numerous sluggers based on his rich experience and coaching skills, he emphasized choice and concentration. Coach Tachibana said, “In order to hit well, it is important to clean up the target from the waiting at-bat, such as which course you will aim for, which of the nine strike zones you will aim for, the outside or the body.” Regarding Oh Jae-il, who has a batting average of .333 (10 hits in 30 at-bats) with two home runs and nine RBIs in the last 10 games, he said, “Of course, he can’t be the same as he was in his prime, but he is still a powerful hitter. “It’s far from an aging curve,” he stressed.

Captain Koo Ja-wook is showing an upward curve with a batting average of .383 (51 hits in 133 at-bats) with five home runs and 30 RBIs in the second half. Coach Tachibana said, “He is a very good hitter with original contact skills. “I’m ordering you to hit it as if you’re lowering your grip when you hit it,” he said. Regarding Kim Sung-yoon, who emerged as Samsung’s biggest hit product in the second half, “The swing as a whole has become concise.” In doing so, the accuracy has increased. He said, “Even if I hit a single hit, it is the same as hitting a long ball due to my excellent base running ability.”

Kim Ji-chan, Kim Hyun-joon, and Lee Jae-hyun, who will be responsible for Samsung’s future, appreciated the ability of the so-called “Gulbiz Three Musketeers.” Coach Tachibana said, “I haven’t seen much because I’m in the Okinawa Futures team camp, but I got the impression that the three players can grow even more if they continue to give me a chance to start.” “I don’t know if this expression is appropriate, but I thought other Futures players couldn’t beat them,” he said. He also said, “Even if I say this or that, it is the player himself who plays baseball. It’s a really big growth that I can feel for myself. “As I continued to play, I got my own sense,” he added. 카지노사이트

Coach Tachibana also thanked the power analysis part. We always have a preliminary meeting with the power analysis team in the morning to exchange opinions on the opposing pitcher. In terms of probability, we decide what to do considering the higher part. This is to make sure that the players are not confused. The power analysis team is very helpful.” Finally, he said, “The most important thing is how a player feels when he enters the batter’s box. Some players hit when a breaking ball comes in while aiming for a fastball, while others can’t. “The player himself has to feel it well and deal with it,” he said.

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