Why did Lotte owner Shin Dong-bin smile broadly at Lee Dae-ho’s retirement ceremony?

Lee Dae-ho, who finishes his 21-year career, started in the last home game of the “2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League” LG-Lotte at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the afternoon of the 8th.

Lee got off to a good start by hitting a timely double in the bottom of the first inning with two outs and a runner on first base in his first at-bat. Lotte came from behind to win 3-2 with Straily’s good pitching and Ko Seung-min’s timely hit to the right in the bottom of the seventh inning. 스포츠토토

In particular, Lee Dae-ho took the mound as a pitcher in the top of the eighth inning. At bat, LG closer Ko Woo-suk came out as a pinch hitter and caught the attention of the crowd. Lee Dae-ho left the mound after four pitches, handling Ko Woo-suk with a grounder in front of the pitcher. Lee Dae-ho recorded his first hold in his retirement game.

Lotte finished the 2022 season in eighth place with 64 wins, 76 losses, and 4 draws.

After the end of the game, a retirement ceremony and a permanent absence ceremony were followed.

Fans presented Lee Dae-ho with a cake engraved with “Lotte’s Heart” and a mosaic frame. Lotte owner Shin Dong-bin came to the podium himself.

Shin Dong-bin, the owner of the club, delivered a permanent ring and a uniform frame to Lee Dae-ho and his wife Shin Hye-jung, and Lee Dae-ho delivered a glove he had worn in return.

Chairman Shin Dong-bin was truly pleased with the gift he received. He smiled broadly as he raised his glove over his head to the audience.

Lee Dae-ho then read his farewell speech. Lee Dae-ho wiped away tears, saying, “Lee Dae-ho, who was a Lotte player, will become a Lotte fan Lee Dae-ho from tomorrow.”

Lee Dae-ho finished his 21-year career by being rinsed by his teammates after saying goodbye in a Lotte uniform while riding a convertible on the ground.

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