“Why player Woo Sang-hyuk?” A civic group angry at the Korea National University’s Marine Corps training

Despite the criticism that it is anachronistic, members of civic groups filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission of Korea on the 21st over the Korean Olympic Committee’s enforcement of the Marine Corps camp for the purpose of strengthening mental power.

Four organizations, including the Lawyers for a Democratic Society (Minbyun) Culture, Arts and Sports Committee and Cultural Solidarity, held a press conference in front of the Human Rights Commission in Jung-gu, Seoul, and said, “The Marine Corps training of the national team players is a punitive extreme exercise that violates the right to freedom of body.”

In the petition, the organizations said, “The Korean Sports Council and Chairman Lee Ki-heung made athletes participate in punitive extreme training, not regular training, citing poor international competition performance,” and added, “We decided and implemented anti-human rights training while ignoring the ‘duty to protect athletes’ human rights’ specified in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Charter.”

They said, “Uniform training based on scientific data or without considering the characteristics of each event may lead to poor performance,” and urged the KOC to apologize publicly and improve the old-fashioned sports culture. 메이저 토토사이트

About 400 people, including national team players, who are set to participate in next year’s Paris Summer Olympics, entered Pohang Marine Corps Division 1 in Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 18th and held a three-day training session.

Although criticism poured out that it was an old-fashioned training, Chairman Lee pushed ahead with the admission, saying, “We prepared this camp to provide an opportunity to strengthen our athletes’ resolve at the upcoming Paris Summer Olympics.”

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