Will Ko Woo-suk fail to go to MLB… LG General Manager Cha Myung-seok said, “I don’t think there’s progress yet.”

Regarding Ko Woo-suk’s Major League contract on the afternoon of the 20th, Cha Myung-seok said on the team’s official YouTube channel “LG TWINS TV,” “I don’t know how it’s going because I haven’t heard from him yet,” but added, “We’ve allowed the posting, so we should send it if it’s a good condition, but I don’t think there’s any progress yet.”

Ko has finished the 2023 season and knocked on the doorstep of the Major League Baseball. If a player who is in a lower league wants to gain attention in the Major League, he must first show his intention to challenge himself and gain attention toward himself. However, Ko expressed his intention to go to the U.S. at a time when no one expected.

LG granted conditional permission for Ko to advance to the big league. The team is determining that it will not hand over Ko to the big league at a cheap price. For Ko, he can confirm his move to the U.S. only when he makes at least minimum contract terms to play as a bullpen pitcher in the Major League.

Major League Baseball is currently experiencing pitcher difficulties. Due to COVID-19, the minor league did not open in the 2020 season and the aftermath lasted until the 2023 season, resulting in minor league pitcher difficulties. This has also led to Major League pitcher difficulties. Since the recent “restraint revolution,” the number of injuries to pitchers has also increased. Demand for starters and bullpen pitchers is very high. 바카라

Several clubs are also reportedly interested in Ko Woo-seok. However, it is unclear whether good conditions will be presented to Ko Woo-suk. This is because Ko Woo-suk has been sluggish recently. Ko Woo-suk was sluggish in the 2023 season regular league with three wins and eight losses and 15 saves of 3.68. In the Korean Series, he also lost one point in the first game and made a blon save with three runs in the third game, which left a disappointment.

The terms of the presentation are important, and the deadline for Ko Woo-seok’s posting (January 4) is approaching. As the holiday continues from Christmas to the end of the year, the actual negotiation time for Ko Woo-seok is short. The FA pitcher’s biggest fish, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, has not signed a contract yet, so it is increasingly disadvantageous to Ko Woo-seok.

“When I asked (Rico Sports Agency) CEO Lee Ye-rang, some clubs are interested in (Ko Woo-seok), although I don’t know if the contract will work or not because the negotiation period is short,” said Cha Myung-seok, head of the team. CEO Lee Ye-rang and Ko Woo-seok are expressing their intention to not go unless they are treated satisfactorily. (Negotiations) do not seem to have been officially made yet.”

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