“Wish for a new SON” Tottenham LB “Sonny is another level… If you give it to him, he’ll do everything on his own.”

British media “TBR Football” reported on the 13th (Korea time), “Destiny Udogi admitted that he likes to play with Tottenham captain Son Heung-min, who is ‘another level.'”

Born in 2002, Udogi is a promising full-back who Tottenham acquired from Udinese last summer. He joined the big club in earnest this summer after re-lending Udinese last season, although he made a deal worth €18 million (W25.5 billion).

Despite his debut season with Tottenham, Udogi has gained trust from manager Anji Postecoglou and is playing as the main left-back. He started all 14 league games he played this season, scoring one goal and two assists, and was in charge of the left side.

He recently scored his Tottenham debut goal. Udogi contributed to a 4-1 victory in the 16th round of the Premier League against Newcastle United on the 11th when he scored the first goal on Son Heung-min’s cut-back pass in the 26th minute of the first half.

Not long after scoring his debut goal, he signed a new contract with Udo. Tottenham announced on its website on Wednesday that they have extended the contract period until June 2030. 온라인경마

When Udogi signed his first contract a year ago, he signed with Tottenham until 2027, but extended it further to extend his contract until 2030. In addition, he received a weekly salary of 60,000 pounds (about 9.91 million won) at the time of his first contract, but he was rewarded with his performance this season as he was raised to a higher weekly wage.

Udogi, who is receiving the attention of Tottenham fans for his debut goal and renewal, once again caught the attention of fans by praising Son Heung-min recently.

According to the media, Udogi recalled the moment he scored his Tottenham debut goal against Newcastle in an interview with Spurs Play. At this time, he praised Son Heung-min and admitted that it was very easy to play with Swedish winger Dejan Kulusevski.

“I think it’s really simple to play with Sonny and Kulusevski,” Udogi said. “Because obviously Sonny is the best player, and it’s very easy to play with him.”

“I think if I catch the ball, Sonny will take care of everything else, so I’m trying to find where Sonny is,” he said, adding, “He gave me an assist.”

Udogi, who was conducting the interview, scored his Tottenham debut goal from the host, so he was now asked if he would compete with Son Heung-min for the Premier League’s top scorer.

As Udogi said, Son Heung-min participated in the Premier League’s top scorer race this season as he performed the best among Tottenham players. Son Heung-min, who scored one goal and two assists in the last match against Newcastle, maintained his third place in the Premier League scoring by achieving his 10th goal of the season. Erling Holan (14 goals, Manchester City) is in first place, while Mohamed Salah (11 goals, Liverpool) is in second place.

Notably, Son scored his 10th goal in the league, scoring double-digit goals for the eighth consecutive season in the Premier League. In the 31-year history of the Premier League, which was launched in 1992, only seven players including Son have scored more than 10 goals for the eighth consecutive year.

In addition, Tottenham, which had no wins (one draw and four losses) in the last five consecutive games thanks to Son Heung-min’s strong performance, overcame Newcastle and scored three points in six games, successfully reversing the atmosphere.

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